What is My Body Shape?

Until I understood the answer to the question ‘What is my Body Shape?’ I would sometimes find that clothes I’d bought just didn’t look right, but I wasn’t really sure why.  However, once I understood my own body shape and the guidelines about dressing for my shape, it became a whole lot easier!

Don’t worry if you are not sure of the answer to the question what is my body shape, as over 90% of smart, intelligent women are right there with you and don’t understand their own body shape.  The result is that like me they end up buying clothes that they like and believe will look okay, only to find that there’s something not right.  Consequently these clothes either end up unloved at the back of the wardrobe; or being returned to the shop or website from where they were purchased.

I’m committed to showing you how to look gorgeous and feel fantastic every day and one of the first steps we’ll take is to help you understand the answer to the question ‘what is my body shape’ so that you can choose the clothes that will flatter you and will give you a platform from which you can build your fabulous wardrobe.

As a woman you know that looking great and feeling fantastic is one of the key factors to having a great life.  Self-belief is fundamental to success, however you define success.  To have self-belief you need to be self-confident positive and motivated, which in turn will attract people to you who want to share your vision.

Once you understand your body shape and how to dress for it, this will make shopping so much easier and cheaper.  You’ll be able to focus on the clothes that will make you look fantastic and avoid expensive mistakes.  You’ll be able to invest in clothes that you know will look amazing every time you wear them.  nowing your body shape will also help you to shop with confidence, saving time and money, buying clothes that suit your body shape.

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