Relaxed And Non-Judgmental

I had umm-ed and ahh-ed for so long over getting advice on my style, always waiting until the ‘right’ moment: when I’ve lost some weight; when I’ve got more money to buy new clothes.

So when Carol mentioned her Creating Wardrobe Magic program to me, I felt this was the right time.  I immediately decided to go ahead. I didn’t just want to know what was the right style of clothing for my shape, but also for my personality and lifestyle.  With 3 young children and fluctuating weight I often choose an outfit for comfort.  But if I could buy and assemble outfits that still flattered and looked great because everything about it suits me, that would be great. 

The session with Carol was relaxed with many touches of humour.  I didn’t feel judged for previous poor choices and I felt Carol really was working to find the best for me as a person, rather than me as a particular body shape and colour category.  When I didn’t fit completely into one particular description for body shape Carol worked through what was best for me to choose from my actual shape and proportions (and we invented a new body shape!).

I felt comfortable asking questions to relate all the new information to what I currently have in my wardrobe, and what I would normally head towards in the shops, and I came out knowing what I could immediately rule out on the rails, and what I should be trying on and buying – I didn’t know it was possible to love shopping more, but now I do! Carli


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