Really Impressed!

Thank YOU so much for your time today, and all the effort you have put in to make this morning such an excellent experience! 

Not only did I learn about the colours that make me sparkle naturally, but I’ve also learnt so much more about my shape and proportions that I ever thought was possible. 

The personal details really impressed me Carol, down to helping me select the right size handbag to wear at the right length to make me look my best – I had never ever thought about that until you mentioned the tiny lady with the big bag!

After 2 hours I now understand why I spend too long putting outfits together in the morning (and at 5.30am I’d rather not be wasting that time) and even why there are things with the new tags still attached in my wardrobe. 

I am now excited to sort through my current collection and putting different things together to make me feel like a more stylish me.

I cannot thank you enough and I would highly recommend you to ANYONE that I meet. Sam

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