Confident About What I Wear

Until I met Carol I was stuck in a clothing rut.  I hated shopping as I had no idea what to buy or what suited me and therefore tended to use the internet.  Often things arrived that did not fit properly or suit me but I kept them on the basis of “it will do”

A friend recommended Carol so I contacted her.  Together we went through my wardrobe and threw out at least 2/3 of what I owned.  She also did a colour analysis and showed me the colours that would work for me.

We then went shopping and with her help I was able to get items that suited me, fitted and that I will wear over and over again.

Since then I have been much more confident about how I dress and what I wear.  I make more use of each item of clothing and when I have bought clothing I have known what I am looking for, what colours suit me and what shapes I should go for.  It has been a very positive experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Carol to anyone in the same position as me.  Jane

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