Benefit Me For A Lifetime

I decided to seek help with my wardrobe after too many years of looking back at myself and not liking what I saw, I just never felt truly comfortable.  I wanted to feel more positive when looking in my reflection regardless of my size and confidence levels. I have recently changed careers and realise how important it is to feel comfortable in the clothes I wear, in any situation.

Since having my consultation with Carol I now understand what colours suit me, the sort of clothes that compliment my shape,  and importantly what doesn’t.  This will help me enormously going forward when buying new clothes.  I felt that the consultation it is an investment in me and will not just benefit me just for today but for a lifetime. 

Carol is clearly very knowledgeable, and with her calm approach, she made a potentially uncomfortable experience into a very pleasant one with a lot of laughs along the way. 

I would not hesitate to recommend a consultation with Carol! Amy

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