Asking For Help Was A Massive Deal

Through various networks, I’d met a number of people who had promised me that they could update my wardrobe, tell me what colours suited me and generally revamp my professional look – several were local and others came with glowing recommendations.  Having only met Carol a couple of times, there was something about her “way”, her openness and general approach on life that made her the only choice – when I finally plucked up the courage to ask for help.

Asking for help was a massive deal for me – but I had acknowledged, with a couple of business presentations coming up, I needed a wardrobe of clothes that I was comfortable in, suited me and reflected my brand.  By taking the time to find out about me (not just looking at body shape, skin tone and size), Carol worked her magic.  On reflection, I was expecting an instruction sheet of do’s and don’t’s – and yet knowing Carol that was unlikely to be the case.  I was incredibly anxious about the whole process – looking at myself was a huge issue.

Instead, somehow, in the process of our session, Carol created the beginning of what was a massive change in me.  I can’t pinpoint the phrase, or the exact moment but she gave me skills to shop (and I hated shopping!) wisely, a level of confidence in what I wear that I had never, ever had and a look that completely encapsulates my brand values.  As I said, magic.

Going on from there, I’ve now lost enough weight to drop 2 dress sizes, my confidence when doing business has increased massively and I think that is part of why my business is growing.  That’s not a correlation I would ever have thought of when I made my first tentative enquiry. Jenny

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