Confident About What I Wear

Until I met Carol I was stuck in a clothing rut.  I hated shopping as I had no idea what to buy or what suited me and therefore tended to use the internet.  Often things arrived that did not fit properly or suit me but I kept them on the basis of “it will do”

A friend recommended Carol so I contacted her.  Together we went through my wardrobe and threw out at least 2/3 of what I owned.  She also did a colour analysis and showed me the colours that would work for me.

We then went shopping and with her help I was able to get items that suited me, fitted and that I will wear over and over again.

Since then I have been much more confident about how I dress and what I wear.  I make more use of each item of clothing and when I have bought clothing I have known what I am looking for, what colours suit me and what shapes I should go for.  It has been a very positive experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Carol to anyone in the same position as me.  Jane

Worthwhile Investment

Thanks so much again Carol for all your time and help with reinventing my style.

I’m absolutely amazed that you managed to find such stylish and beautiful clothes and boots, given that I’m so fussy and particular! To end up with two whole outfits plus accessories is more than I could have hoped for. 

This has been such a worthwhile investment for me and something ticked off my bucket list!  I’ve always found it so hard to create an outfit/style and you’ve really helped me to see what suits me (and what doesn’t) in terms of colour, style, shape, pattern etc.,  I shall be recommending you!  Clare