getting dressed up

When Did You Last Get Really Dressed Up?

Do you remember the last time you really made an effort and got dressed up?make up feeling dressed up

I’ve got a confession to make – I’m not dressed up!  I feel a bit of a fraud sitting here in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt writing this!!  But my excuse is that I’ve just applied a liberal dose of fake tan!    I was feeling a bit pale and wintry but a slap of St Tropez has made me feel so much better!

However I’ve been carrying out a little experiment over the past few weeks and it’s proved my theory.  I have been applying make up even if I’ve got a day in the office.  I also add add jewellery and a nice pair of jeans/top.  Result I feel better and am attracting more clients.  Somehow I don’t think that the two are disconnected.


Most Of Us Feel More Confident When We Look Fabulous.

For many of us this means wearing an outfit that really makes us feel good.

business suit getting dressed upReading a  forum thread on this subject it was interesting that many of the guys commenting said how much more confident they felt when wearing a decent suit.   Many women feel empowered when they wear heels.  But so often we dress down and find ourselves relaxing into a casual/comfortable look.

Look back at photos from the 1950s/1960s and it seems like people made more effort and really dressed up when they went out.    I remember that even in 1960s my father never visited the pub without a cravat and shirt.

Now it seems a greater social faux pas to be over dressed rather than under dressed.   Is it because we have a real desire to fit in or we don’t really have dress codes any more – other than ‘smart casual’?  A term that strikes terror into many of my client’s hearts!  How do you define smart casual or is it just a cop out?? A subject for another blog, methinks.

So why don’t we get dressed up anymore?  I personally believe that there are a plethora of reasons as to why our approach to getting dressed up has changed.    I thought I’d explore a few here and then invite you to comment.

1. Price of Clothes And The Value We Place On Themfast fashion dressed up

Fast fashion has seen clothing getting ever cheaper and as a result I believe we don’t value it as much.  When we place less value on something we treat it with less respect.

Go back 50+ years and people would have only had a couple or handful of outfits to wear when they were going out. They took more care and pride in their clothes.

2. Cultural Changes

Undoubtedly the huge cultural shifts from the 1960s onwards had a massive impact on fashion.  At first this was a trend towards breaking cultural norms in fashion.

Fashion became more about standing out and making a statement.  Pop culture, to glam rock, power dressing from 1960s to 1980s.    All about making a statement and for most people unless they worked in fashion, PR or the creative arts, a distinction was needed between a work wardrobe and a dressed up look for going out.

The grunge and gothic look of the 1990s started to then set a more casual trend.

3. The World Got Smaller!laptop lifestyle dressed up

Well of course it didn’t physically but in terms of how we started to copy others’ dress cultures it certainly did.

This seems so relevant to the workplace.   A European influence of men not wearing ties, to the US ‘dress down Friday’  – that’s now become more Monday-Friday both having a huge impact.  This has come not simply from films and TV influences but also US and European companies coming over and setting up in the UK.

Also, as more people work from home whether for an employer or self-employed, the dress down culture goes hand in hand with the laptop lifestyle.

4. Activities Valued Differently

It used to be custom for people who traveled by air to get dressed up. Air travel was a privilege and was treated as such.  Cheap airlines and flights have put paid to that particular trend and now (quite rightly) comfort is key.

Although from experience I know that when I traveled for work and took a change of clothing with me on the flight. I felt better if I’d made the effort to put on make up and change my outfit before we landed.

Recently a keen theatre going friend and I were discussing why going to the theatre is no longer an occasion where you get dressed up.  I personally don’t believe that this is about theatre tickets being relatively cheaper.  But, especially in London, I believe that many of us combine a trip to the theatre with other activities.

5. Athleisure Trendsneakers dressed up

This sports style dress down look of trainers; jogging pants and gym wear doubling as Streetwear started a few years ago.  It started to really gain traction in 2014, and industry statistics show it started to take market share from the jeans market around this time.

The growth in health and fitness trends has undoubtedly also had an influence on this lifestyle trend as well.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we did make more effort to get dressed up occasionally?

getting dressed upClothes can be so powerful in terms of impacting the way we feel about ourselves.

In Brutally Honest by Melanie Brown, she describes how putting on sexy figure hugging dress transformed her.  She discharged herself from hospital against her doctor’s advice.  The dress and make up meant she was able to take up her role as a judge for the 2014 X-Factor Final.

So I’m inviting you as we enter the Festive Season to think twice and get dressed up!  Put your sparkly dress on and celebrate with family and friends.  Your Onesie or Christmas Jumper won’t be offended if they end up back in the wardrobe!

Why not leave me a comment to let me know any reasons you believe we don’t get dressed up anymore?



My top tip…. If you want a very simple way to get dressed up then simply put on a simple plain dress or top and put on some sparkly accessories to complete the look!






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leopard print fashion

How To Wear Awesome Leopard Print Fashion

Leopard Print has announced itself as one of the top trends with an almighty roar for the forthcoming AW season.  I’m not advocating that you should buy into trends for the sake of it.  However I do like to look at how we can use what’s available if you are looking to add to your wardrobe.

leopard print fashion

But First A Step Back In Time

Leopard print first became popular when Christian Dior used a leopard print fabric in one of his collections in 1947.

Jackie Kennedy glamorized the look in 1962.  When I’m sad to say she wore a Leopard-Skin Coat, which caused a sensation. It’s said that the designer was truly shamed by the demand that the coat generated and the impact on the leopard population.

Moving on to 1970s leopard print started to be seen as tacky and cheap.  It recovered its sexy and sophisticated image in the 1990s. Frankly its never really been out of fashion, but it’s application has become much more widespread in the past couple of years.

What Makes Leopard Print So Popular?

It’s association with leopards. Sorry if that sounds too simplistic but it’s true! People who wear leopard print say that it makes them feel sexy, strong, beautiful and powerful.

Leopard print is incredibly versatile.  It has a glamorous luxurious look if worn with a smart outfit.  But equally looks really amazing if worn with jeans and trainers, lifting an ordinary outfit into the realms of a rock ’n’ roll look!

You don’t need to dress head to toe in leopard print to buy into it.  You can use accessories to add a touch of animal print.

But Can I Wear Leopard Print?

If you really mean am I too old to wear leopard print then regular readers will know my answer on that one.  Age is merely a number on a birth certificate!

If you don’t have the confidence to wear leopard print, you feel too self-conscious for example, that’s different.  You won’t carry it off.  But if you still wish to wear leopard print look for scarves, purses or underwear, as a way to do so, discreetly.

But brown isn’t in my colour palette!  The good news on this one is that designers recognized this so you can buy leopard print garments in various colours.    It’s also possible to wear brown leopard print providing it’s not next to your face.

When I searched for leopard print items on Next’s site for example I got 242 items in various shades from black/grey, pink, teal and red as well as the more natural look!

Leopard Print Ideas AW18/19

Let’s take a look at some of the items that are available and how you might style them.


Next has a great single breasted coat that would look great with jeans or as they show on their website styled with …..

A single-breasted coat is best for anyone with wide shoulders or a large chest where you don’t want to add width to your top half.

Zara’s double-breasted coat would look great for anyone looking to add more width to his or her top half.

An alternative way to wear leopard print before winter kicks in is with this cotton printed jacket from & Other Stories.  With the drawstring waist this adds versatility to styling and shaping the jacket.

The secret of wearing leopard print coats or jackets is to keep the garments underneath plain colours.  Don’t add prints or patterns, it just looks too busy.  You want the bold animal print to take centre stage.    The only exception and you really do need the confidence to carry this off is to wear animal print underneath.

Leopard Print Outerwear


You are spoilt for choice if you’re looking for leopard print blouses.  There’s also quite a wide range of colours, such as this blue leopard print from Banana Republic.

A selection here for different body shapes ranges from high neck blouses that work for hourglass figures as seen on Zalando, long necks and inverted triangle body shapes (wide shoulders).  Or jersey tops that look great with black trousers or jeans such as this crew neck from Max Mara.

If you’re adding jewellery keep it simple a bold necklace is fine but keep to one colour metal.  Or alternatively try earrings rather than  a necklace if you’re wearing a high neck.

Stick to one colour on the bottom half.  Black is the obvious choice, but strong reds or deep plums or greens can also look good.

Leopard Print Tops

Trousers and Skirts

Not everyone is going to be comfortable wearing leopard print jeans or leggings. For many it’s a step too far.  But here are a couple of ideas.

Try leggings with a denim jacket and T shirt as Next have done in this image, for example.  Alternatively tapered trousers with a smart plain top and strappy shoes will look really smart, as per this pair from Forever Unique.

An animal print skirt can look fantastic with a plain coloured top or blouse. Blacks, browns, red or white are some options to consider for tops and add ankle boots to finish the look with this gorgeous Mint Velvet skirt.

Team skirts with plain boots.  Knee length or ankle boots look fantastic.  Complete the look with opaque black tights.

Leopard Print Trousers and Skirts


If you’re comfortable wearing head to toe leopard print there are some lovely dresses available at the moment.   Mint Velvet has a beautiful midi length shirt dress with a handkerchief hem and v neck that would look amazing with knee length or ankle boots.  Just add a simple statement necklace to complete the look.

Hobbs has a classic wrap dress that would work for the office or a more casual look.  Team this with court shoes and a plain black jacket and classic style of bag.   For when the weather turns add a simple trench coat and for a super smart look.

Silk Fred has a selection of leopard print dresses. This blue one would be great for anyone with an hour glass figure or a pear shaped body.



Leopard Print Dresses



If you want to just add a touch of leopard print there is a fabulous selection at Dune this season including court shoes, ankle boots and sneakers.  Dune also has a great selection of bags and if you’re not sure what to look for when choosing a bag check out this earlier post.

In Summary

Leopard Print is for any age, but wear as much as you feel comfortable wearing.   Leopard print is versatile in terms of matching it with strong colours, although blue (particularly denim), brown, red white and black are probably the most popular colours to choose. Keep it simple – use block colours with leopard print to get the best effect.  I’ve made several references in this post to body shapes and styles.  If you’re not sure what shapes and styles you should be looking for why not download my Body Shape Guide?

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AW Trend Report

How To Make The Most Of The AW17 Trends

The school holidays are in full swing, the weather’s unsettled and the barbecue’s standing forlornly on the patio. That can only mean one thing AW17 trend alert: next season’s clothes and accessories are now arriving in the shops!

AW Trend Report

My mantra to my clients is to ignore trends and to focus on what’s right for your shape and personality. However, if a particular trend looks good on you and you want to invest in it, then great, but don’t be trend led.

However, you cannot totally ignore trends as they do have an influence on what’s available on the High Street. Buyers have to select their ranges a year in advance. So this means they have to make educated guesses on what will sell and what’s right for their customers.  While online shopping offers us a much wider choice it will often still be influenced to some degree by trends, as retailers want to see stock sell through!

The first trend reports for a season appear immediately after Fashion Week. So Fashion Week in February 2017 showcased the collections for AW17/18.  The reports published in March gave some insight into the AW17 trends.   For this week’s blog I want to do a round up of some of the key AW17 trends.  I will look at how these trends might be worn and some pitfalls to avoid.

Red Is A Big AW17 Trend

The catwalk shows included a lot of red garments: dresses, tops, skirts and trousers. Like most colours, red can be worn by anyone, but it’s important to wear the right shade and tone for your palette.  Red works well as a colour all year round, but seems particularly well suited to brightening the darker days of winter. Red is also versatile with neutrals.

Autumn: Rusty Reds, Poppy Red or Geranium Red

Winter: Cherry, Raspberry or Claret Reds

Spring: Coral Red, Watermelon and Tomato Reds

Summer: Cherry Raspberry but will also look great in Burgundy

Red AW17 Trend

The Kitchen Sink Is Back

While big bags are practical in some senses, how many of cart around stuff we do not need and let the junk accumulate?

If I have a big bag with hardly anything in it, then it feels like I’ve forgotten something and the temptation is to add from the ‘it might come in handy’ pile!

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a handbag is the size and how that relates to your scale. A petite person will look smaller with a large oversized bag.

aw17 trend big bags

Does It Suit Me?Grey Tailored Jacket

Grey suits were included in a lot of designers’ collections and is likely to be a popular AW17 Trend.

Recently I attended a workshop where the idea was to cover everyone else in paint! In one of the icebreaker exercises we had to indicate our least favourite colour and why. Most of the group said Grey.

Personally I love grey, particularly in the context of clothes.

Grey is smart without being too formal. Anyone can wear grey if it’s the right shade and tone. It is also so versatile when pairing with other colours. If you are looking for a suit this autumn follow my guidelines for dressing for your shape.

Twinkle Toes!

The AW17 trend of having sparkly toes is a great way to add a sense of fun to your footwear. This doesn’t mean you have to buy shoes with sparkles built in to the design to achieve the look.

There is a growing trend for detachable accessories for shoes that can be clipped on and removed. Just like clip on earrings.

This is a brilliant way to turn a look from day to night. Just pop the clips on to court shoes or pumps to liven up your look.   It also looks amazing with jeans and a blazer for a more glammed up daytime look.

AW17 Trend Shoe Jewellery

Oversized Jumpers and Floaty Skirts

This AW17 trend can look absolutely gorgeous. Add ankle boots or knee length boots and you’ve got a great Boho Chic outfit.

This look won’t appeal to everyone and I’d suggest avoid if your legs are shorter than your torso.  I’d also be wary of a jumper that’s too big and bulky fluffy jumpers will are more feminine.

Midi skirts are good if your shoulders are wider than your hips. But beware oversized sweaters that will just hang from your wide shoulders.

AW17 Trend Faux Fur

Walk On The Wild Side

Fur was big on the catwalks, from oversized shearling coats, vintage style full length coats and leopard prints.

For a more fun look designers were also showing ostrich style feathers in their designs for fringing and details.

This fringing detail looks great on skirts and cuffs, but you need to be comfortable making a statement with your look to carry this off.

This AW17 trend for fur and feathers will be embraced by some and shunned by others. In the research I did for Ufurria, I found that faux fur has a real polarizing effect on women.


Belt Up!

Whether it’s belts on coats to add shape or wide belts to wear with dresses or separates, there is definitely an AW17 trend for adding a belt to complete an outfit.

Many of my clients are nervous about wearing belts or tell me that they used to wear them but no longer do. They either are unsure about wearing a belt or feel self-conscious about their tummy and don’t believe they can wear a belt.

The good news is that most of us can wear belts, if we follow a few simple principles and they can really make an outfit look stunning.


In Summary

Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas and thoughts if you are looking to add to your autumn wardrobe and how to style AW17 trends.

But remember the basic principles when you are choosing clothes, particularly if you find shopping a chore.

What season do you find it most challenging to dress for? Some women find it more difficult to dress for Autumn Winter and others for Spring Summer. This is at least partly to do with the colours that are available in the shops. It may also be your own seasonal preferences (which goes beyond your wardrobe). It could also be a reflection on how you feel about your body.


If you’d like to find out how to feel fabulous every time you get dressed why not book a free 30-minute Skype Call with me?




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How To Look Awesome In A Skirt

So what skirt styles are ‘in’ or rather on trend for Spring Summer 2017?

Anyone who knows me will be scratching his or her head in wonder at that one!

I don’t do trends!  While I’d love to claim Coco Chanel’s lovely quote for my own, fashion is not and shouldn’t be the primary reason for buying clothes.

Coco Chanel quote fashion

Whenever a client asks me about trends I suggest they simply ignore them. But depending where you shop this isn’t always possible.

It’s worth noting that when fashion buyers are looking what they believe will sell, trends play a part. Remember the buyers are now making decisions about what will sell in 6-9 months’ time so need to start somewhere!

Right now we’re in the midst of the fashion shows for Autumn Winter 2017. This is while stock is being unwrapped for Spring Summer 2017.  It’s an exciting and stressful time of year if you work in fashion.

It got me thinking about this week’s post and in particular which style skirts are going to be available. But more importantly who can wear them.

What To Consider With Skirt Styles

The factors you want to consider when choosing what skirt styles to buy, are broadly the same as other garments:

  1. Style – its fullness and cut. Which skirt styles are right for you will be determined by your body shape
  2. Length – this is important for your height, the shape and length of your legs.
  3. Fabric – texture and print – this takes into account the size of your frame
  4. Colour – the most important colours to get right are those close to your face. But as I tell my clients it’s much easier to co-ordinate your wardrobe if you buy from your colour palette.
  5. Details – the pockets, pleats and embellishments that designers add to finish a style

But at the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is whether the design is right for you and the message you want to convey through your clothes.

Let’s take a look at the key skirt styles that are showing up in the new collections for Spring Summer 2017 and who can wear them.  I want to warn you that this gets a bit frustrating!

We begin talking about what I call proper trends! These are obvious skirt styles. Then the collective changes more to skirt lengths, which cover multiple styles.

This drives me mad, as it seems like the goal posts have moved! My perception is that this is the fashion media’s attempt to group and order things in a logical way.

Ruffle Skirt Styles

Ruffle Skirt Top Shop

Ruffle Skirts

With the emergence of the throwback to the 1980s, it’s no surprise that ruffles are making an appearance.    On the SS2017 catwalks, ruffle style skirts were very popular. I’m delighted to say that this look has been toned down for the high street audience.

As much as I think the designs are superb, the look is much more of a catwalk style than something that translates to the High Street.

Who Can Wear Ruffle Style Skirts?  The simple answer is anyone who has narrower hips than shoulders. So this means:

An inverted triangle body shape looking to create balance on her lower half

An athletic body shape and is looking to create curves. Just be careful that the bottom half doesn’t become too out of balance with the top half.

If you are tall and have long legs a ruffle style skirt will look great. But if you have wider hips than your shoulders and your legs are not slender, avoid ruffle style skirts. They will add bulk and draw attention to the wrong places!

Tiered Skirts Romantic ‘Boho Chic’

With very feminine looks on the catwalk for Spring Summer, there were quite a few tiered skirt styles on the runway.

These do not appear in the new styles being released by retailers at the moment for spring styles. But I would not be surprised to see tiered skirt styles in the summer collections for the festival and holiday seasons.

Tiered skirts, like ruffle skirt styles, work most effectively for inverted triangle body shape.   They are also great for athletic body shapes. They are a very feminine look. Tiered skirt styles can be made to look more boho and less ‘girly’ with denim or leather jackets, and ankle boots. The latter providing it’s not too hot!

If you are a curvy petite frame or curvy hips or a tummy then avoid tiered skirts as they will not flatter your lovely curves.

If you are slender petite frame you can wear tiered skirts if they are not bulky. Bulky skirts will simply overwhelm your body.

Pencil Skirt Styles

John Lewis Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirts A Return To The 1980s?

As we’re looking back at the 1980s there’s no escaping the pencil skirt styles.

Pencil skirts look fabulous on all body shapes. But you need to pay attention to the fabric, how tapered the skirt styles are towards the hem. If you are a pear shaped body and carry weight around your hips then avoid pencil skirts that are too tapered.

If you have an hourglass body shape, you will look particularly amazing in a pencil skirt that accentuates your curves and your waistline.

Pencil skirt styles in the 1980s were focused on power dressing and were often the skirt design for a women’s suit. Later they became more noticeable in eveningwear, clinging fabrics or sequins.

Style tip – if you feel overdressed in pencil skirt styles then dress them down with denim jackets or a camisole top and an over-shirt.

Midi Skirts

There is no prescriptive length for a midi skirt. The hemline can fall just above the ankle right up to mid-calf.

Midi skirt styles vary immensely. The most popular styles for midi skirts are: A line, full skirts, pencil styles, pleated skirts or wrap over.

But midi skirt styles are not for everyone.

If you are a slender petite frame then be cautious with midi skirts, unless they are slender styles. The danger is that they will overwhelm you.   You can play down the effect with high heels.

For curvy petite women midi skirt styles are not a great look. With a horizontal line across your calves making you look shorter and broader.

For taller women and in particular athletic body shapes or inverted triangle body shapes a midi skirt will look great to create curves and balance on your bottom half.

Desigual Mini Skire

Desigual Mini Skirt

Mini Skirts

Again not a skirt shape but they do refer to the length.

Like midi skirts the mini has no formal length. The hemline can rest anywhere on your thighs.     Mini skirts can be figure hugging, straight or pleated or a flared out skater skirt.

Great legs? Show them off with a mini skirt. If you are tall or petite, mini skirts will look fabulous.

If you have broad hips and thighs then mini skirt styles are not really for you.

Wearing a mini skirt is partly about making a statement and you need to have the self-confidence to do that.

In winter it can be easier. I will team a dark mini skirt with opaque tights and boots and will be incredibly confident.

I wouldn’t feel so happy to wear a mini skirt in warmer weather with bare legs.

Tips To Consider

If you want to wear a skirt but are not sure what suits you and really don’t have the patience to shop around, then consider:

  1. Flattering length for most women is around knee length. So the hemline finishes just above or below the knee.
  2. Straight to Pencil Skirts are broadly speaking the most flattering skirt styles for most body shapes
  3. If you have broader hips and thighs don’t try to hide this look under A lines or voluminous shapes. It will have the opposite effect
  4. If you are wearing skirts that are quite figure hugging, look in the mirror before you leave the house. You don’t want a VPL!
  5. Have fun with skirts! Skirts can be really versatile and great way to mix and match your wardrobe.

I’d love to hear about your favourite skirt styles in the comments below.



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turning your back on skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans are So Last Year!

Forget skinny jeans, Flares are back announced the Sunday Times last week.

I recoiled in horror at the headline. Skinny jeans are an integral part of my wardrobe!

There’s nothing quite as emotive as our relationship with our jeans!    I remember my first shopping trip to buy a pair of denims. It was the shopping trip from hell with tears of frustration eventually followed by high fives when I found a pair that fitted!

skinny jeans

In the early 2000s I flirted with flares, before heading back to skinny jeans. They work for me, they look good and I feel fantastic wearing skinny jeans.

The Sunday Times article promoted this post  as it’s style that’s important, rather than fashion. Here are my tips for finding the perfect jeans for your body shape.   If you’d like help determining your body shape then my handy body shape guide will be useful.

jeans for everyone


Hourglass Body Shape

You want to define your gorgeous curvy shape. But you also need to be careful not to overemphasize your hips and keep your figure in proportion.

Straight leg jeans (or slim jeans)

These will flatter you by balancing your silhouette, giving the illusion of height – ideal if you’re a petite hourglass body shape.

Wide leg/Flare

If you are an hourglass you can wear wide legged jeans with one proviso. You need to be tall enough to carry off the wide legs. Selecting slimmer flares will create the illusion of more height.

Skinny jeans

You can wear skinny jeans as an hourglass but you need to be a slender hourglass and quite tall to carry this look off successfully. Too curvy or too short will give you a top-heavy look.

Quick tip: Do not go for tapered styles, as this will also have the effect of making your hips look out of balance.


Pear Shaped Body

Wide Leg/Flare

A wider leg will help to balance your hips.

Just be careful to keep the flare/wide leg slimmer if you are petite.   A very wide leg or big flare will make you look out of proportion


With the slightly wider lower leg this style is ideal for you as it will balance out your hips and bottom.


You can wear straight leg providing you are comfortable with your curves. Talking to a friend the other day she didn’t believe me! Convinced that her hips were too wide to wear anything slimmer than a bootcut.

I urged her to try a pair on and she was amazed how good they looked in dark denim, especially when we added a pretty blouse that ended just below her waist and above her hips. It was a no brainer decision to buy them!

Quick tip: Keep details on the pockets to a minimum – highly decorated back pockets will just draw attention to the wrong parts!

skinny jeans

Apple Body Shape

You are trying to add balance and draw attention to your legs and hips.


The flare at the bottom of the leg will help to draw the eye away from your midsection and will create balance.

Wide Leg/Flare

Do not be tempted to just get the widest leg jeans possible in the belief that it’s the only way you can wear jeans. It won’t work! I appreciate that some manufacturers seem to think it’s the only option but the more enlightened ones know it’s only an option if you are tall enough to carry it off!

If you are petite then it will have the effect of creating width and make you look shorter.

Flares and wide legs come in different widths so look for more slender shapes.

Quick tip: Look for details on pockets and stitching which will draw the eye to your hip line.


Athletic Body Shape

The world is your oyster you have the biggest choice and can wear all styles.

Just remember you want to create curves and thereby add balance.   I’ve suggested a few tips on how to do this and what to watch for.

Wide Leg/Flares

As you want to add definition go for styles that taper over your slender thighs and flare lower down. This will help to create the illusion of curves and shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

This more relaxed cut and its new feminine friend will look great on your slender frame. But remember to add a belt to create some waist definition.

Skinny Jeans

Add some volume to your top half. Only wear very fitted tops if you’re adding accessories. You want to create shape and definition.

Quick tip: faded look jeans with more than one colour tone will look fabulous on your long slender legs.

skinny jeans


Inverted Triangle Shape

You want to create volume on your lower half to give you balance. This means you need to think in terms of wider cuts.

Wide Legs/Flares

Like our athletic body shape you want to create definition so flares/wide legs are good but again be careful about the width of the legs you want shape not a mass of material!


The wider lower legs are great for inverted triangle shapes. Like flares/wide legs they will add definition without losing shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

The more relaxed looser styles will look good on you. But like our athletic body shape friends you need to add a belt to create definition at your waist.

Quick Tip: Your body shape may have developed as a result of toning.   Boyfriend/girlfriend jeans can help with your defined quadriceps!

boyfriend jeans

Hope that this helps guide you through the minefield of what jean shapes to choose for your body shape. However, there other things you need to consider when choosing your perfect jeans.

Why not book a free discovery call with me to find out what the best style of jeans are for your shape? 

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