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Off The Shoulder Top

How To Embrace The Look: Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops are a trend that is showing no sign of going away.   A really big trend that started to emerge in 2014/15 and has just got bigger and stronger for 2017. While I’m not into following trends for the sake of it, fashion does to some extent govern buyers choices.  Therefore it’s useful […]

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how to wear a belt

How To Wear A Belt To Create A Stunning Look

When I ask my clients how they feel about belts, the answer I receive is often ‘not sure’. Or perhaps they will say that they don’t have the figure to wear a belt. It’s frankly an urban myth that you need to be tall and lean or have a perfect hourglass figure. Worn the right […]

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pleated skirt styles

How To Look Awesome In A Skirt

So what skirt styles are ‘in’ or rather on trend for Spring Summer 2017? Anyone who knows me will be scratching his or her head in wonder at that one! I don’t do trends!  While I’d love to claim Coco Chanel’s lovely quote for my own, fashion is not and shouldn’t be the primary reason for […]

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lines and curves magic

You Need To Know How To Create Wardrobe Magic

Now we’re going to talk about lines and curves, I tell my clients, offering to them the suggestion that we’re about to create some style magic!   It provokes an interesting reaction. Some laugh, others smile politely wondering what’s coming next,. While others look slightly bewildered wondering if I’m going to get my Potterish wand out! […]

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Do You Have A Grumpy Jumper

Do You Have A Grumpy Jumper?

What we wear can have a massive impact on our behaviour, feelings and our interactions with others. Let’s take the example of a friend of mine who has a grumpy jumper. When she wears her grumpy jumper it’s when she’s already feeling low.   While she is wearing her grumpy jumper she gives herself permission to […]

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Style reflect you

Does Your Style Reflect You?

Does your style reflect you?  What do I mean by this?  When you get dressed do you ever think about what your clothes are saying about you.   This is  because our clothes speak volumes before we even have a chance to open our mouths. Hence the clothes we wear are a great way to […]

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