Keep Warm In Style With A Pashmina

How To Keep Warm In Style

Hands up I’ve been the idiot who has tried to made the effort to Keep Warm in Style and got it all wrong.  Keep Warm In Style

Like the time we went to Norfolk in December when I insisted on wearing a furry jacket for a beach walk.  It looked glam but was no match for the horizontal wind coming off the North Sea!  Or the ski pants from the designer Italian boutique which looked fabulous but had zero wind protection especially on the chairlifts!

But I’m no good at the Teletubby look, buried beneath tons of layers.  It might be practical but it makes me feel rubbish and that’s never going to work!   So that’s why I love to use accessories and base layers to Keep Warm in Style without sacrificing either comfort or my look. Here are my top tips, hope you find them useful.

Keep Warm In Style With Inside and Outside Scarves!

Why wear one scarf when you can wear at least two?

I like to wear a scarf to complete my outfit and then add another heavy outdoor scarf when I’m heading outside.   This works really well when I’m out at meetings and not sure about the venue.

Top tip to keep warm in style: I also add a necklace.  If I get overheated I can take the inside scarf off and still feel accessorized. , so that if I do get overheated then I can remove the ‘inside scarf’ and still feel accessorized!


Think Thermal!Keep Warm In Style Bella di Notte Thermal Vest

Gone are the days when thermal meant looking old and frumpy!  I firmly believe that the rise in popularity of skiing holidays helped to take thermal fashion to another level.

Merino wool or pure silk thermals were perfect when Mark and I skied every winter.  But in the UK I’m going to overheat wearing those base layers.   But if you do feel the chill there are some fabulous styles available.  I particularly love this one from Bella di Notte. I find that simply wearing a light camisole as an extra base layer works for me on the top.

Top Tip To Keep Warm in Style: To keep my legs warm and toasty invest in a pair of fleece-lined leggings.  You only need to pay around £10 to get a really warm pair.

Gloves + Hand Warmers = Toast!

Seriously I’m the worst about wearing gloves.  I have really dry skin and am outside a lot with the dogs, but wearing normal gloves doesn’t work for me.   I also have very small hands and fingers so find that gloves always feel too cumbersome.

Flexibility is key with the dogs, clipping and unclipping leads, getting treats out (essential for dog walking!).  Gloves don’t do this and mittens are a disaster, so I wear fingerless gloves.   However, this doesn’t solve the problem of cold fingers!

Top Tip To Keep Warm In Style: By a pair of reusable hand warmers to put in your coat or jacket pockets.

I have a set that you activate by clicking the metal disc inside the hand warmer. The gel in the pack starts to crystallise and heat up.

They stay warm for up to around 30 minutes. This is enough time for me to get my body temperature up.   When you get home simply immerse in boiling water for 15 minutes and the crystals will become liquid again. Wait for the hand warmer to cool and it is ready to reuse!  The fact that they’re reusable, non-toxic makes them a winner in terms of their eco-credentials.

Who Else Hates Wearing Tights Under Trousers?

Wearing tights with trousers is a no-no for me. I hate the feeling of being warm and sweaty around my belly – sorry if too much information!

If you’re out and about in Winter particularly if you’re waiting for public transport trousers aren’t always warm enough.

Top tip to Keep Warm In Style: wear hold ups not tights under trousers. This will keep you warm in style and you won’t end up with a hot belly or worse still another layer to manage in the bathroom!

You can also try wearing hold ups under leggings for an extra base layer.

Keep Warm In Style But Don’t Overheat!

If you suffer from irregular body temperature such as menopausal hot flushes this one is for you.

You’re better to keep your base layer the smartest sassiest layer.  What do I mean by that?  Simply wear additional layers that you can take off and still look and feel fabulous.

You want to avoid ending up a hot and sticky mess!  Then you have the dilemma of do I go to the toilet to take everything off and re-dress without the base layer? Or do you brave it out and end up feeling really self-conscious?

Top tip to Keep Warm In Style:  Shawl scarves and/or pashminas are perfect for this.  Wear over your winter coat to finish off your look.  Then you have an extra layer should you need it indoors.   If you tend to wear a lot of dark colours in the winter then a brightly coloured pashmina there’s an amazing range at Absolute Exclusive very reasonably priced.

What are your top tips for keeping warm in style?

I’d love to hear them! Please pop them in the comments below.


Accessorise With Style & Confidence

Would you love to create more outfits from your wardrobe without buying more clothes?  Feel more confident about choosing and using accessories?

Acccessorise With Style & Confidence is a head to toe course, giving you the tools you need to transform your look from the ordinary to the extraordinary with accessories to suit your personal shape and style.

Built in bite-sized modules to help you look and feel fabulous every time you get dressed.


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keeping cool in style

Keeping Cool In Style: How Are You Doing?

While the hot summer is amazing and I’m not complaining, keeping cool in style is a challenge! In this post I’m going to give you some quick and easy tips to help you enjoy the sun in style.

keeping cool in style this summer1. Keep It Natural

It goes without saying that natural fabrics will keep you cooler than synthetics.  So I recommend natural cottons, linen (with caution – my issue with linen is that it can end up looking like you’ve slept in it!).  Look for bamboo clothing, which also has the added advantage of being eco friendly.   Bamboo has incredible wicking properties (pulls moisture away from the body) and is a natural UV Protectant.  Bamboo cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays!

2. Structure is Good

Fabrics that are too flimsy while they may appear light will end up sticking to you and I can assure you it’s not a good look!  Silk although a natural fibre is not the best as it retains heat and moisture.  You can end up feeling very damp if you’re wearing silk clothing in a hot environment.

3. Worried about wet patches?

The last thing you need when you are keeping cool in style is to be worrying about wet patches under your arms or under your bust.   Either wear patterned fabrics on top or white to reflect the heat away.  Colours to avoid are greys and pastels as these will really show any damp patches.

4. Maxi Dress – A Girl’s Best Friendkeeping cool in style maxi shift dress

One of best ways of keeping cool in style is to wear a maxi dress which allows the air to circulate and will keep your legs cooler than shorts. Direct sunlight on your skin raises your body temperature.  The best styles to look for are either A line or a shift dress style.   Floryday have some great cotton dresses in different styles at the moment.

5. Swap Pads For Underwire

Wearing a bra that’s underwired is a lot cooler than a padded bra in the heat.

Look for styles with mesh panels and open backs, for extra airflow. Look for natural fabrics such as cotton jersey or bamboo.  Again synthetic fabrics will just retain heat and may even cause chafing.

6. Ditch The Jewellery

As someone who loves statement jewellery even I’ve given up and swapped to beads from metal and lighter styles of necklaces.

I’ve also changed my choice of bracelets and am only wearing the lightest loosest bangles to ensure I’m keeping cool in style.

7. Avoid The Narrow Strapskeeping cool in style Marista Lara Suede Sandals

Strappy sandals can be a nightmare in summer when your feet swell and bulge out between the straps.  Not a good look and guaranteed to feel uncomfortable!

I’d recommend either toe peepers or mules as the best styles. Unless your dress code at work even prevents even this look.

8. Loose Fitting Clothing

It may sound obvious but loose fitting clothes and even tops or dresses with sleeves will be a lot cooler than anything fitted.

A dress will also be your best friend compared with separates that will make your waist area warm.  But if you’re not sure what style of dress to choose for your body shape then take a look at my body shape guide to help you.  If you’re still not sure then please feel free to contact me about my Creating Wardrobe Magic Program, part of which will help you with your body shape.

9. Time To De-clutter Your Handbag?

Do you really need to carry that tote or oversized handbag?  How much of what is in your bag do you actually need?

Why not take a look at your bag and see if you can trim it back for the summer?  Exchange it for a smaller or at least lighter bag until the weather cools down.

Keeping Cool In Style

I hope some of these tips have been useful,  but I would love to hear from you if you have any others.  Please share them in the comments below.











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Earrings to Suit Your Style

What You Need To Know About Earrings

Last Friday I met one of my gorgeous friends on our way to a picnic.   With a big grin on her face she presented me with two odd earrings.odd earrings

I’ve been doing some de-cluttering, she announced. I was about to throw these out as I’ve lost the other one to each pair. But then I asked myself who do I know who wears odd earrings?

Yep that’s me! I’ve been wearing odd earrings for about 10 years. Partly because I’m so good at losing earrings but more to the point it suits my quirky style!

Over the years I’ve found that my taste in earrings has really changed.     It used to be bigger and more dangly the better.   Studs? Why would I wear those, who will notice them? Small hoops what’s the point? Delicate styles – nah!

My gorgeous husband would regularly buy me some really dainty earrings. I would coo over them, silently cursing that they weren’t more blingy! But they were gifts of love, and not cheap. So I consigned them to the back of the drawer. Guess what I’m wearing now….

Today’s post will hopefully enlighten you!

In A Nutshell

  1. Colour
  2. Face Shape
  3. Scale And Proportion
  4. Your Style Personality
  5. Occasion

Now let’s look at each of those in more detail


Colour Of Your Earrings

drop earrings

Drop Earrings – Etsy

Stating the downright obvious, you wear earrings close to your face! Therefore it makes sense that you chose styles in your colour palette, but this does to some extent depend on the size of the earrings.

I am a cool colour palette. This means I should wear silver, but this doesn’t stop me wearing gold studs from time to time. Yes the ones retrieved from the back of the drawer!

What about the colour of your outfit? Does this matter? Well as you might expect from me, I’m not exactly in favour of the fact that your earrings should match the colours you’re wearing!

Particularly if you’re wearing mainly neutrals a pop of colour in your ears will look amazing and help to draw attention to your face.

That said I advocate some synergy in the jewellery I’m wearing. For example yesterday I was wearing pale grey, pastel pink and white. I livened it all up with bright blue jewellery in different shades of blue.

Earring Choices And Your Face Shape

This is probably the most important factor and one, which many of us find a challenge – what is my face shape?

lucite flower earrings

Flower Earrings – great for a diamond or heart face shape to offset cheeks or forehead

I’m going to give you some very general guidelines here:

Long Face Shapes

Beware earrings that are too long – they will simply accentuate the length of your features.

Round Face Shapes

Yep you guessed it – don’t go too round, but instead opt for longer shapes.

Heavy Jawline

Earrings that are chunky or wide across the bottom will simply make your jaw look broader.

Angular Chin

You want to consider shapes that are wider on the bottom to balance your face


Scale and Proportion

Ebbinghaus IllusionEbbinghaus Optical Illusion Circles or which circle is bigger.

The optical illusion of which inner circle is bigger – neither as they are both the same.

But we look for context when we see the circles. We want something to judge them by which is why we believe the inner circle surrounded by the smaller circles is bigger.  Okay so that’s good to know, but what does that have to do with earrings? So if a petite woman wears really big earrings she will look smaller. While a larger woman wearing small earrings will look larger.   So the message is to keep your earrings in proportion to your frame.   Of course there is a ‘but’ to this which I’ll explain in the next section.

So I like to think of it as the potential rule breaker! Your style personality should be the number one factor when you choose your earrings.  Remember what I said earlier about wearing odd earrings because it suited my personality?

What earrings help to express the real you? This is less complicated than it might sound. You can also ask yourself what styles, when you wear them, help you to feel fabulous?

If you’re not sure, why not take a look at your jewellery box and pick out a few earrings that you’re attracted to? Ask yourself why – is it the look and feel of the earrings: colour, material, shape, texture? Or maybe they remind you of a happy occasion?

You can juggle the physical characteristics once you know which of your earrings are ‘you’.

moonstone stud earrings

Perfect to dress up jeans and a T-shirt


I’m sometimes asked if you should have specific styles to suit an occasion and my answer is no. But it is about feeling comfortable for whatever occasion you are dressing for.

For example I wouldn’t wear expensive earrings on the beach or for doing any physical activitiies. I would also be highly unlikely to wear reindeer or flashing Santa earrings in the summer ever!

Seriously I know I sound like a worn record on this but really it’s down to you.   You can use earrings to dress up or dress down an outfit.

For example: T-shirt, jeans and blazer will look really dressy with some classic earrings. Just add heels to finish the look. Or you can dress down a plain dress with some fun and quirky earrings.

Just To Round It Up!

Hopefully that’s given you a few tips about choosing and wearing earrings?  Whether you like to wear odd earrings or you feel they can only be worn in pairs!  If you’d like to know more then please feel free to pop a comment below the post.

Would you like to know more about how to make accessories work for you?

If so you might be interested an event I’m running in October. In collaboration with Karen Kennaby and her business Unique and Exquisite Events.

I will be delivering 2-hour Masterclass, which will be followed by a delicious 2-course lunch in London.  Also a great opportunity to meet and network with likeminded women.

If you would like more information, please click here.




















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be authentic

Being Authentic Is Easy If You Know How

One of the current buzzwords is authenticity. Being authentic in the way we act, we communicate and do business. Hurrah! – I’m all for it!  I want to do business with people that I believe are genuine, have similar core values and the same kind of integrity that I hold dear.

Equally I want my clients to feel that they are getting the real me. For me being authentic is a whole lot easier than masquerading as a version of me! Afterall it’s so liberating to just be oneself?

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you – Dr Seuss

Being Authentic Dr Seuss


OMG don’t you just love Dr Seuss?

As a child every Saturday we’d visit the local library as a family. On arrival I’d rush to the children’s section, scouring the shelves for Dr Seuss books. It didn’t matter that I’d borrowed every one of them multiple times!

Now back to being authentic. Authenticity is something that we need to feel both internally and externally. So naturally this extends to the way we dress.

If we don’t feel authentic and true to ourselves with our style, we’re likely to feel uncomfortable.   If we’re not comfortable with the way we dress and appear to the outside world this will show up and we will not be confident. This impacts our life in many ways as I explained in my post last week Clothing Choices: How To Have A Great Day.

So how can we ensure that we are being authentic when it comes to our wardrobe?

Stop People Pleasing

Hands up if you remember as teenager being told: ‘You’re not going out dressed like that!’ What was your reaction?

Having spent hours getting ready you were probably pleased with the outcome.  So how did you react to that onslaught? No doubt you were angry or upset? You may have stormed upstairs to change or just rushed out slamming the door behind you. Neither option being a positive outcome!  Our early wardrobe influencers often have a lot to answer for!

stop people pleasing

My father hated green. Result was that neither my mother nor I owned a single green garment between us. Before I had my colours done and appreciated which shades of green really suit me, I’d acquired every type of green in my wardrobe after my father died! I’m still in a bit of a rebellious phase wearing the odd splash of lime green, which is not in my palette!

But seriously it’s about dressing for you and not for others. If you are being authentic in your style you will feel more confident.

Accept Your Ugly Bits

Being authentic is about accepting yourself for who you are. It’s about accepting yourself and loving the good bits about your body.

Stop being so critical and really look at your body. Embrace the positives about your body. Even if seems insignificant use it as a starting point.

Take for example the colour of your eyes. You can really highlight this by wearing colours that make your eyes stand out.

highlight the parts you love

Recently when I was working with a client I asked her to tell me which parts of her body she loved. She told me that she really embraced her curves, how she felt sexy and feminine. She told me how she hated her thighs and wished her legs were thinner. Then she stopped and started to laugh.

An ‘aha moment’ as she realised that if her legs were skinny she’d look out of proportion.

Live Your Truth

As your life changes you may feel that to be authentic your wardrobe needs a makeover.

If you are going through a major life change, it can be a catalyst for seeking help with your style. I refer to this as the Chrysalis stage, as the butterfly starts to emerge and spread its beautiful wings. You want them to shine out and be authentic to you.

being authentic living your truth

Working with one client recently, she proudly showed me her recent purchase, a biker jacket.  This was a statement piece that she wanted to embrace a new phase in her life.   But to be authentic she wanted to embrace her soft feminine style.

We worked with the jacket pairing it with various accessories and in addition to the jeans/boots and soft blouse look, we created outfits with jersey dresses to create a gentle rock chic style.

Listen To Your Body

Sometimes being authentic is simply about listening to the messages your body is giving you.

There are some days when I want to feel nurtured.  All I want are soft natural fibres close to my skin. I want to be in touch with nature and feel its healing powers. I find it difficult to do this if I’m wearing man made fabrics.

listen to your body

Equally to be authentic to the way I’m feeling I want bright bold colours and fabrics that cling to my body in the right places. I want to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes I’m drawn to certain colours and other days where the same colour won’t look the same.

Your subconscious is often more in tune with your wardrobe than you give it credit for! Don’t fight it and let it guide you.

Don’t Always Speak The Truth

You are asked by a friend what you think about her new dress.   Believing it to be awful how do you handle it?

Being Authentic and Speaking the Truth

Do you feel it is better to just state your opinion and would you expect that from your friends in return?

Many of us do feel it’s important to be honest with our friends but equally we don’t want to upset them.

But remember that often when we are asking for someone’s opinion it’s because we don’t trust our own judgment.  We feel that something’s not right or we want our decision to be ratified.

So why not ask your friend what she likes about the dress. Ask her how does it make her feel?   You may draw out of her what she’s uncertain about so that she then makes a decision on the dress.

BTW from a professional point of view I would then expand on what worked with the dress and what doesn’t work.   As I see my role as a style coach and educator.

I want to leave you with one more thought about being authentic

be who you are




















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reasons for wearing a bra

What Happens When You Stop Wearing A Bra?

Scientists tell women to stop wearing a bra was the sensationalist headline widely used in 2015. It announced the results of a 15-year study conducted by sports scientist Professor Rouillon. The study conducted on 330 women, concluded that not wearing a bra could:

  •  Result in more pert breasts. Non-bra wearers had a 7mm lift in their nipples compared with bra wearers.
  •  Hamper circulation and reduce breast tone over time

Wearing a bra is more than just about where your breasts sit and how pert they are.  In this post I want to look at the reasons for wearing a bra and give you some tips on when you should buy a new one.

benefits of wearing a bra

But before I do that I want to share my story about wearing a bra. My eating disorder meant that my breasts almost disappeared. From the age of 20 I gave up wearing a bra completely.

What happened? Nothing. While I did plenty of exercise, because my bust was so small I did not feel any effects of not wearing a bra.

I was very self-conscious of my small bust. I did at one point visit a consultant to enquire about implants. The risks and the way he looked at me put me off completely!

But as I gained weight and started to do more upper body training, I started to develop a bust. I timidly ventured into the fitting room of a lingerie specialist.

Initially wearing a bra didn’t feel comfortable and I continued to wear the same bra until it fell apart! Not a good idea!

But now having found a good specialist I’m unlikely to be found not wearing a bra, at least when I’m out.

 So what are the reasons for wearing a bra?

Improve Your Confidence

Enhancing your silhouette with a well-fitting bra will make your clothes hang better. If you know that your figure is more attractive this will help your confidence.  A good bra will give you an attractive cleavage.

Conversely though a badly fitting bra will not do anything for your shape or your cleavage. While I may sound like a well worn record, wearing a bra that fits properly is essential.

High-Impact Exercise Is More Comfortable

Running or lots of high impact exercise can damage your breasts if they are not properly supported. Let alone the fact that if you have large breasts it can be very painful.

You can risk long-term damage to the ligaments in the breasts. These ligaments are not elastic and will stretch over time if they are not properly supported.

eating disorder exercise addiction

Improves Posture And Reduces Back Problems

For women with larger breasts it can be uncomfortable and adversely affect posture if the breasts are not supported.

If you do not have the correct support your shoulders will roll forward to accommodate the weight. Or you will start to lean back to retain balance.

Neither of which is great for your posture.

You Are Less Self-Conscious

Women who don’t wear bras tend to cross their arms across their chest.

They may subconsciously worry about appearing provocative. Given how a bra can help a woman to feel sexy sounds like an oxymoron!

They may also worry what other people think.   While it’s entirely your choice it can also be a distraction if you are worrying about your nipples showing or simply feel too exposed by not wearing a bra.

Reduces irritation from under boob sweating

Sorry I couldn’t find a more delicate way to phrase that! If you suffer from sweating under your breasts and the moisture remains there, irritation and even fungal infections can occur.

A good fitting bra with the right support may not prevent you sweating but will help to ensure your breasts don’t constrain the moisture.

But there is no point in wearing a bra if it doesn’t fit. Not only will it not do anything for your figure, it may be painful or cause irritation. 80% of women in the UK are not wearing a bra that fits correctly.

small boobs buying a bra

If You Are Wearing A Bra That Doesn’t Fit

You will find that

  • Your breasts spill out of the top of the bra
  • The straps cut into you and or so does the band
  • Your bra feels so tight that you can’t breathe while wearing it
  • The straps fall down no matter how much you adjust them
  • You can comfortably fit two fingers between your side and the band of the bra
  • You simply don’t feel supported and your breasts are sagging

How Do I Know If I Need a New Bra?

The signs that you need a new bra are:

  • The band rides up your back even when you’re using the tightest hook
  • For an underwired bra, if the wires poke through the fabric
  • When the moulded cups have lost their shape
  • If you’ve lost or gained weight
  • If your body shape has changed, this can happen if you change your activities – increase weight training for example.

Extend the life of a bra by allowing your bras to recover after wearing them! Do not wear on consecutive days and this gives the elastic an opportunity to recover.

How Often Should I Buy A New Bra?

That depends! Not a very helpful answer, I know. But it will vary according to how many bras you have and rotate in your wardrobe.

The rough guidance is to change your bra every 6 months.   For bras you wear less frequently such as strapless bras, these will obviously last longer.

Wearing a bra that has been properly fitted in the first place will also help your bras to last.

The more bras you have and wear in rotation the longer your bras will last.

Finding A Good Lingerie Specialist

When I started on my search for a lingerie specialist I asked around.

First I asked other women locally where they shopped for bras and about their experience. Then I reached out to other stylists to get their recommendations.

I have been very lucky and found a great independent lingerie shop. It’s an owner-managed local business. The owner has built her reputation by offering great customer service. She employs empathetic, well-trained and very knowledgeable staff.

wearing a bra

I hope you have found that useful?

You may also find these posts helpful  How To Embrace And Love Your Large Bust and How Excited Would You Be To Increase A Cup Size?

Please feel free to ask any questions or share your experience on shopping for bras below.

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how to wear a belt

How To Wear A Belt To Create A Stunning Look

When I ask my clients how they feel about belts, the answer I receive is often ‘not sure’. Or perhaps they will say that they don’t have the figure to wear a belt.

It’s frankly an urban myth that you need to be tall and lean or have a perfect hourglass figure.

Worn the right way a belt can add definition and enhance your body shape. A belt can also provide the focal point for an outfit.  .

We can all wear a belt. But as with most items in our wardrobes, it’s about making the right choices. Hopefully my tips will inspire you to wear a belt other than to hold your jeans up!

wear a belt with a jumpsuit

Wear A Belt To Flatter Your Shape

The elements of your body that you need to consider to determine what shape of belt to go for are:

  1. Are you short waisted?
  2. Are you long waisted?
  3. Do you have a defined waist?
  4. Do you have a full bust?
  5. Are your hips full?
  6. Do you have a thick waist?
  7. Are you petite?


If You Are Short Waistedkaren-millen-chain-belt

This means that your natural waist is closer to your bust than your hips. This may also be referred to as high waisted. So to wear a belt you should chose the following looks:

  1. A narrow belt
  2. Wear a belt across your hips
  3. Wear a belt the same colour as your top and in contrast to your bottom
  4. Select a belt that is the same colour as your outfit

 If You Are Long Waisted

This means that your torso is long and your natural waist sits quite low.   Consider the following to wear a belt

  1. A wide belt
  2. Wear a belt just above your natural waist. Do not allow it to sit on your hips, as this will emphasize your long torso.

Women who have a long waist will have shorter legs so you want to use styling tips to create longer legs.

Do You Have A Defined Waist?Desigual Statement Belt

If you have an hourglass figure or a pear shaped body with a defined waist, embrace it!   Wear a belt that shows off your waist and emphasizes your curves, giving definition to your shape. It doesn’t need to be a statement belt,  it can blend in to your outfit.

Conversely if you do not have a defined waist, but have slender hips wear a belt to create a waist.

 If You Have A Full Bust

Wear a belt that to show off your curves.

If you have a large bust you may find yourself having to buy a dress that fits your bust but may be too big elsewhere. Avoid a shapeless look, which will be really unflattering. Wear a belt to define your bust and flatter your voluptuous curves.

A full bust can create the illusion of a short waist, so consider a medium width belt.

 Are Your Hips Full?

If your hips are broader than your shoulders then you have a pear shaped body. But before you start despairing about your hips and thighs, embrace the fact that you have a defined waist.

Go out there and show off your waist. Wear a belt on your waist but be careful not to wear a belt too low, especially if you are wearing a cropped jacket. This will simply make your hips look bigger.

Do You Have A Thick Waist?

Women who have a thick waist often feel that they should not wear a belt. They are concerned that this will draw attention to their tummy. But for women who have a thick waist a belt can emphasize your lovely bust and show off your curves.   Wear a belt slightly higher than your natural waistline. Choose a belt that blends with your outfit in a stretch fabric and see the results.

Are you petite?

If you are petite then be careful if you decide to wear a wide belt.

A wide belt in a contrasting colour to your outfit will simply cut you in half. It will create a horizontal line, which will have the effect of making you look shorter.

You can wear a belt with a tie that sits low on your waist and hangs down. This will create vertical lines and help you to look taller.

how to wear a belt

How To Style A Belt?

Having determined what you should look for to suit your body shape, now it’s on to the fun part of how to wear a belt with style!

This probably sounds very obvious but a belt should be a reflection of your personality and your style.   The following are just a few ideas of how you can have fun with belts!

Enhance Your Body Shape

Show off the parts of your body you love!

If you are wearing a loose fitting top and tight trousers add a belt to enhance your silhouette.

An oversized top or dress will look finished with a belt slung around your hips.

A tight fitting top and baggy trousers will look good with a belt to complete the look and give some structure to your silhouette.

Dramatic Effect

Wear a metallic belt with a monochrome dress or jumpsuit for an occasion.

Look at belts with a statement buckle to create a real attention grabbing look.

A wide belt will make a bold statement.

Make this the focal point of your outfit. You can contrast your belt with shoes and handbag for a real impact.

Alternatively a slightly more classic dramatic look would be to wear a statement belt that matched your bag and shoes.

Be creative and have fun!

Wear a bright patterned scarf as a belt. This can look great with jeans – blue or white denim for a fun summer look.

If you have a coat, such as a trench coat, that has a detachable belt swap this for a patterned scarf for a quirky look.

Finally …

Do you wear a belt?  If so how do you wear belts, please share in the comments below.

If you are not confident about how to wear a belt or how to complete an outfit with accessories, why not join us for The Finishing Touch Workshop?

Shopping Details

Make a statement with a wide belt

Biba Belt Wallis Jumpsuit Carvela Shoes Carvela Bag

Subtle Style With A Wide Belt

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Finishing Touch Workshop Choosing A Handbag

Alongside Every Successful Woman Is An Amazing Handbag

We haven’t even got as far as talking about handbags! Announced one of my clients recently as our session drew to a close.   I knew that to start discussing choosing a handbag at this late stage would be overload!

My styling sessions are extremely informative and I don’t expect clients to take any notes. as I will send them the details. But even so there’s a limit to how much information anyone can absorb.

finishing touch choosing a handbag

I will blog about handbags, I promised as I collected my things. Then we can discuss what’s right for you. Her next client had arrived, so it was a perfect solution.

So what do you need to think about when you are choosing a handbag? There are a few points to consider.   But let’s first dispel the myth that you need a bag to match your shoes.

I think I’ve only ever subscribed to that theory once, about 12 years ago. However the shoes I’d bought were so uncomfortable that they were abandoned under my chair as soon as we sat down to dinner!   I’m still using the handbag though!

So what do you need to consider when choosing a handbag?

What Do You Want It For

This might sound blindingly obvious but I’ll admit to having been seduced by the colour or detailing when choosing a handbag.

Choosing a handbag

An ‘interesting’ drama when I had to take my leather jacket off to save my personal belongings! A heavy and unexpected shower meant my stuff would have been soaked just because I HAD to have that gorgeous crushed velvet bag!

Consider the practical elements when choosing a handbag:

  1. Are you a mum and so does choosing a handbag mean finding a really practical one to carry around all those essentials?
  2. Do you want it for going to work? Does it need to be able to hold a tablet, your lunch or perhaps your laptop?
  3. When choosing a handbag you may be tempted by fabric or suede but if you’re outside in all weathers with your bag, this might not be practical

If you’re choosing a handbag for social occasions you probably want to consider a much smaller bag. This helps to avoid the temptation of taking too much stuff with you whenever you’re going out socially!

choosing a handbag for an evening out

Think About Your Body

When you are choosing a handbag think about your own body your shape and scale.  Remember your bag becomes an extension of you and part of your outfit.

A petite woman carrying a very large handbag will make you look smaller. This also works in reverse a larger woman with a small bag will look bigger.

choosing a handbag consider your scale

If you have a large bust be wary when choosing a handbag you want to wear on your shoulder. Avoid short straps that mean your bag will fall in line with your bust.

But equally if you have a pear shaped body with a small bust and larger hips, a good choice would be a bag that sits on your shoulder and falls in line with your bust. But avoid a longer strap that means the bag sits in line with your hips.

If you have a large bust cross body bags might be practical but will not be the best look for you.


Straps And Handles When Choosing A Handbagchoosing a handbag for an evening out

Now is time to think about the one of the design features you want when choosing a handbag.

. If you are standing around with drinks and possibly canapés or shaking hands you will run out of hands!! How much easier is it to pop your bag on your shoulder?

Adjustable straps are really useful. This will enable you to fix the length of the strap so that it flatters your bodyline.

Handles. A lot of bags have a grab handle as well as straps. This can be a really useful feature when choosing a handbag, particularly if you are using it for work and going to lots of meetings. It can be much simpler to just simply pick up your bag while you’re finishing a conversation, rather than scrabbling about putting it on your shoulder.


Other Design Details


If you are a curvy bodyline, then a handbag with soft edges and curves will look good. If you have an angular bodyline a more boxy shape bag with squarer edges will work for you.


Think about the clasp or closure when choosing a handbag.   Not only do you want to prevent your belongings from falling out, sadly you need to protect them against thieves.

That said I’ve had two handbags stolen. On both occasions the thieves made off with the entire bag!


This didn’t’ even occur to me when I was feeding my Guess Bag addiction on EBay last year! Consequently my latest acquisition only gets an outing when I don’t have to hold it on my shoulder for long! It weighs 750g before I put anything in it!


Pockets And Compartmentschoosing a handbag number of pockets and compartments

When choosing your handbag, think about what you will be carrying and convenience.

Do you want easily accessible pockets to put items like keys and phone? If you commute do you want an outside pocket for your season ticket or oyster card?


Personality and Style

Your handbag should be an extension of your personality and style.

If you want to make a statement, then your handbag is a great way to do this. I’ve definitely bought handbags not just because I loved them, but they made a bold statement! For those readers who know me, I’m sure that will be a big surprise!!

If you have a more elegant style you will be attracted to bags that offer a more classic design.

For someone who loves a feminine look you will probably be attracted to bags with lots of details, colours and a fun look.choosing a handbag to suit your personality

In terms of colour while I am adamant that you do not need to match your shoes and your handbag, you may want to consider your colours if you have had your colours analyzed. Just because your bags will co-ordinate more easily with your outfits!

Has That Given You Bags Of Ideas?

Sorry I couldn’t resist that one!! But I do hope this post has given you some ideas of points to consider when choosing a handbag?

Do you find yourself sticking to one bag at a time for everyday use? It prevents the risk of forgetting anything when you change bags? Or do you prefer to swap your bags around and look for different bags to work with different outfits? If you are worried about swapping bags and forgetting things, you could consider a bag liner.

If you would like to learn more about choosing a handbag and how to accessorise I will be running a workshop in May check out the details here.


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How To Look Awesome In A Skirt

So what skirt styles are ‘in’ or rather on trend for Spring Summer 2017?

Anyone who knows me will be scratching his or her head in wonder at that one!

I don’t do trends!  While I’d love to claim Coco Chanel’s lovely quote for my own, fashion is not and shouldn’t be the primary reason for buying clothes.

Coco Chanel quote fashion

Whenever a client asks me about trends I suggest they simply ignore them. But depending where you shop this isn’t always possible.

It’s worth noting that when fashion buyers are looking what they believe will sell, trends play a part. Remember the buyers are now making decisions about what will sell in 6-9 months’ time so need to start somewhere!

Right now we’re in the midst of the fashion shows for Autumn Winter 2017. This is while stock is being unwrapped for Spring Summer 2017.  It’s an exciting and stressful time of year if you work in fashion.

It got me thinking about this week’s post and in particular which style skirts are going to be available. But more importantly who can wear them.

What To Consider With Skirt Styles

The factors you want to consider when choosing what skirt styles to buy, are broadly the same as other garments:

  1. Style – its fullness and cut. Which skirt styles are right for you will be determined by your body shape
  2. Length – this is important for your height, the shape and length of your legs.
  3. Fabric – texture and print – this takes into account the size of your frame
  4. Colour – the most important colours to get right are those close to your face. But as I tell my clients it’s much easier to co-ordinate your wardrobe if you buy from your colour palette.
  5. Details – the pockets, pleats and embellishments that designers add to finish a style

But at the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is whether the design is right for you and the message you want to convey through your clothes.

Let’s take a look at the key skirt styles that are showing up in the new collections for Spring Summer 2017 and who can wear them.  I want to warn you that this gets a bit frustrating!

We begin talking about what I call proper trends! These are obvious skirt styles. Then the collective changes more to skirt lengths, which cover multiple styles.

This drives me mad, as it seems like the goal posts have moved! My perception is that this is the fashion media’s attempt to group and order things in a logical way.

Ruffle Skirt Styles

Ruffle Skirt Top Shop

Ruffle Skirts

With the emergence of the throwback to the 1980s, it’s no surprise that ruffles are making an appearance.    On the SS2017 catwalks, ruffle style skirts were very popular. I’m delighted to say that this look has been toned down for the high street audience.

As much as I think the designs are superb, the look is much more of a catwalk style than something that translates to the High Street.

Who Can Wear Ruffle Style Skirts?  The simple answer is anyone who has narrower hips than shoulders. So this means:

An inverted triangle body shape looking to create balance on her lower half

An athletic body shape and is looking to create curves. Just be careful that the bottom half doesn’t become too out of balance with the top half.

If you are tall and have long legs a ruffle style skirt will look great. But if you have wider hips than your shoulders and your legs are not slender, avoid ruffle style skirts. They will add bulk and draw attention to the wrong places!

Tiered Skirts Romantic ‘Boho Chic’

With very feminine looks on the catwalk for Spring Summer, there were quite a few tiered skirt styles on the runway.

These do not appear in the new styles being released by retailers at the moment for spring styles. But I would not be surprised to see tiered skirt styles in the summer collections for the festival and holiday seasons.

Tiered skirts, like ruffle skirt styles, work most effectively for inverted triangle body shape.   They are also great for athletic body shapes. They are a very feminine look. Tiered skirt styles can be made to look more boho and less ‘girly’ with denim or leather jackets, and ankle boots. The latter providing it’s not too hot!

If you are a curvy petite frame or curvy hips or a tummy then avoid tiered skirts as they will not flatter your lovely curves.

If you are slender petite frame you can wear tiered skirts if they are not bulky. Bulky skirts will simply overwhelm your body.

Pencil Skirt Styles

John Lewis Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirts A Return To The 1980s?

As we’re looking back at the 1980s there’s no escaping the pencil skirt styles.

Pencil skirts look fabulous on all body shapes. But you need to pay attention to the fabric, how tapered the skirt styles are towards the hem. If you are a pear shaped body and carry weight around your hips then avoid pencil skirts that are too tapered.

If you have an hourglass body shape, you will look particularly amazing in a pencil skirt that accentuates your curves and your waistline.

Pencil skirt styles in the 1980s were focused on power dressing and were often the skirt design for a women’s suit. Later they became more noticeable in eveningwear, clinging fabrics or sequins.

Style tip – if you feel overdressed in pencil skirt styles then dress them down with denim jackets or a camisole top and an over-shirt.

Midi Skirts

There is no prescriptive length for a midi skirt. The hemline can fall just above the ankle right up to mid-calf.

Midi skirt styles vary immensely. The most popular styles for midi skirts are: A line, full skirts, pencil styles, pleated skirts or wrap over.

But midi skirt styles are not for everyone.

If you are a slender petite frame then be cautious with midi skirts, unless they are slender styles. The danger is that they will overwhelm you.   You can play down the effect with high heels.

For curvy petite women midi skirt styles are not a great look. With a horizontal line across your calves making you look shorter and broader.

For taller women and in particular athletic body shapes or inverted triangle body shapes a midi skirt will look great to create curves and balance on your bottom half.

Desigual Mini Skire

Desigual Mini Skirt

Mini Skirts

Again not a skirt shape but they do refer to the length.

Like midi skirts the mini has no formal length. The hemline can rest anywhere on your thighs.     Mini skirts can be figure hugging, straight or pleated or a flared out skater skirt.

Great legs? Show them off with a mini skirt. If you are tall or petite, mini skirts will look fabulous.

If you have broad hips and thighs then mini skirt styles are not really for you.

Wearing a mini skirt is partly about making a statement and you need to have the self-confidence to do that.

In winter it can be easier. I will team a dark mini skirt with opaque tights and boots and will be incredibly confident.

I wouldn’t feel so happy to wear a mini skirt in warmer weather with bare legs.

Tips To Consider

If you want to wear a skirt but are not sure what suits you and really don’t have the patience to shop around, then consider:

  1. Flattering length for most women is around knee length. So the hemline finishes just above or below the knee.
  2. Straight to Pencil Skirts are broadly speaking the most flattering skirt styles for most body shapes
  3. If you have broader hips and thighs don’t try to hide this look under A lines or voluminous shapes. It will have the opposite effect
  4. If you are wearing skirts that are quite figure hugging, look in the mirror before you leave the house. You don’t want a VPL!
  5. Have fun with skirts! Skirts can be really versatile and great way to mix and match your wardrobe.

I’d love to hear about your favourite skirt styles in the comments below.



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lines and curves magic

You Need To Know How To Create Wardrobe Magic

Now we’re going to talk about lines and curves, I tell my clients, offering to them the suggestion that we’re about to create some style magic!   It provokes an interesting reaction.

Some laugh, others smile politely wondering what’s coming next,. While others look slightly bewildered wondering if I’m going to get my Potterish wand out!

lines and curves magic

What Are Lines And Curves?

Once you understand your colour palette, it’s time to start working on what suits your body shape and your personality in terms of clothing styles.   In order to really make the most of this you need to understand lines and curves.

Let’s be clear lines and curves are not just about the fabric patterns or prints. As a fashion designer you would not be able to create a garment without lines and curves.

Lines and curves are created in clothing by:

  1. The shape/silhouette of the garment
  1. The seams and construction
  1. The fun stuff – finishes, details
  1. Fabrics – prints and patterns

The messages our brain and eyes exchange about lines and curves are always done in a split second but specific order.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines

LK Bennett – vertical and horizontal lines

How Do We See Lines And Curves?

Our eyes are drawn to horizontals first because horizontal lines help us to create balance. We then consider verticals, diagonals and then curves.  We can create illusions because of the way that our brains and eyes work.

Without diving down a fascinating scientific rabbit hole, let’s keep this simple. Our vision depends on our eyes to see and our brains to interpret what our eyes see. The brain receives messages from the eyes but also adds two elements: memory and interpretation (or perception). Optical illusions occur when the messages sent back from our eyes conflicts with what the brain is expecting. Result = confusion!

The bottom line is that this is great news for us as we can use lines and curves to guide others to see what we want them to see. This will enable us to show off the great bits and downplay the bits we are not so keen on!

So let’s take a look at how we can use the way we interpret lines and curves to our advantage.

Horizontal Lines

lines and curves

Desigual top

Most of us learn from an early age that you don’t wear horizontal stripes if you want to look slimmer and in most cases this is correct.

I’ll explain the exception in a moment!

Most of us are not looking to add width to our body, but if you have a small bust or a pear shaped body (hips wider than shoulders) you can create balance using horizontal lines.

You can do this by adding a horizontal line this can be in the form of:

  • Padded shoulders
  • Wide horizontal stripes
  • A different colour yoke on a top or blouse, bateau necklines
  • A shrug or bolero jacket in a different colour to the top underneath

Each horizontal line we create in an outfit will have a widening and shortening effect. This applies to hemlines, changes in colour, trims and decorative details.

If you want to add height and like wearing skirts or dresses the easiest way to do this is have tights the same colour as your shoes and outfit. This way you do not create a break of colour at your hemline.

Our eyes also take two short horizontal lines and ignore the gap. What do I mean by this?

If you have a large bust and wear short sleeves that finish at the level of your bust, our eyes will follow the line from one sleeve hem to the other and see it as one horizontal line.

However there is an exception and that is very narrow horizontal lines. When the horizontals are too fine for the eye to follow along one at a time, and when there are multiples of them, they can actually start working like a vertical line and become elongating.


Lines and Curves Vertical Lines

Karen Millen

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines lengthen, our eyes move along them more quickly than horizontal or curved lines. So anyone wanting to look taller or slimmer should look to include vertical lines in their wardrobe. The good news is that this is so easy to do, as I mentioned earlier you do not need patterns and prints to add lines and curves to your wardrobe.

You can define verticals simply by:

  1. The way you layer clothes, leaving a jacket open, wearing a sleeveless jacket are great examples.
  2. Accessories are a great way to create verticals too. A long pendant or a long scarf will add vertical lines.
  3. The structure of garments: vertical darts, pleats, trouser creases will all add vertical lines. Knitwear that is ribbed creates a vertical line.
  4. Details on garments – piping down the side of trousers, buttons in a contrasting colour on a jacket or blouse. Pussy bow blouses also add a vertical line.

But it is important to also note that just as horizontals can have an elongating effect, verticals can have a widening effect! Vertical stripes that are too wide in contrasting colours will add width.

You don’t want to add vertical lines to the widest part of your body, as they will draw attention to this area. If you have large hips or tummy then avoid verticals on these areas.

You can create a single vertical with an outfit and negate the effect of any horizontal lines by using the column of colour. An outfit all in one colour will have a lengthening effect.

Diagonal Lines

Lines and Curves Diagonal Lines

Joe Browns Top

Diagonal lines create movement and action.  They direct the eye from one element to another. We can have real fun playing with diagonal lines!

As we read from left to right, we tend to read diagonals this way.   So let’s take a one-shoulder top as an easy way to look at this.

If your left shoulder is exposed then the eye will follow the diagonal upwards towards your face and neck.

Alternatively if your right shoulder is exposed then the eye will follow down from your left shoulder towards your bust and body.

So clever isn’t it!

You don’t have to wear off the shoulder tops to create diagonals! You can create diagonal lines with the following details:

  1. Patterns and prints – look for designs that draw the eye in different ways – you’ll be amazed how differently you look at clothes. Joe Browns and Desigual are both brands that make good use of diagonals.
  2. Wrap-over tops and dresses. A really flattering way to guide the eye across your body
  3. V-necks. These do have diagonal lines, but depending on the depth and shape of the v-neck these lines can also be interpreted as vertical or horizontal lines.   A deep plunging neckline will act more as a vertical.   A wide, shallow neckline will create a horizontal.
  4. A cross body bag – great way to draw the eye up or downwards.
  5. Chevron stripe fabric. A lovely way to create a very slimming effect on a dress if the angle points downwards across your tummy.
lines and curves curved lines

Joules Dress

Curved Lines

The slowest line we see is the curved line. As our eye follows the curve it slows down and we follow the curve with our eyes. The effect is that curves add volume to our bodies.

Curves create a place for the eye to rest. Want to draw attention to an area of your body that you really love? Then add curves. Curves also add a feminine soft touch to an outfit.

As with diagonals our eyes will follow the line of the curve from left to right.

Curves can also soften the effect of straight lines. A curved hemline on a top will soften the horizontal line, particularly if this is ending on your hips.

We find curves in clothing in:

  1. Structure – necklines, hemlines and sleeve shapes, gathering and lapels (note how some lapels are very angular but some are rounded)
  2. Detailing – frills and lace are great examples
  3. Fabrics – patterns and texture. Softer fabrics will drape and naturally fall in a softer more curvy way than stiff structured fabrics.

Use curves to their best effect if you want to add balance to your body.

Again let’s take the example of a pear shaped body where the shoulders and bust are narrower than the hips. Add puff sleeves to add width to your shoulders.  If you have a small bust use a gathered neckline to make your bust appear larger.

Hopefully this post will have given you lots of ideas about how you can use lines and curves to create some real style magic with your wardrobe.

Give it a try…. why not try to work out what the lines on this dress are doing? Answers in the comments below!


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winter boots sophia webster

Winter Boots: How To Make The Best Investment

Winter boots for me are a wardrobe essential.

Personally I live in boots from the autumn right through to when I get my toes out for summer! They are versatile, looking great with daywear – smart or casual, or for a more glammed up look.

purple ankle boots
As a runner and step aerobic addict enthusiast, finding boots to fit was my worst nightmare! Boot styles were not designed for my muscly calves and so my boot collection was entirely ankle boots. This may go some way to explain my personal extended boot season!

Gradually designers have realized we don’t all have naturally slender legs. This is great news, but with more choice, what styles should we look for?

Our choice of boots depends on a number of factors:

  • body shape
  • height
  • leg length
  • width of calves

Far too many factors, when all you want to do is buy a pair of winter boots!

But I’ve done the hard work for you just follow my top tips for winter boots!

Post Christmas sales are a good source of ‘bargain hunting’ for boots. Why? Well retailers have one eye on incoming spring fashion and our recent mild autumns have not been great boot selling weather!   But don’t get seduced with the price tag! The fact you are getting a bargain is the cherry on the top, not the reason for buying!

My tips below cover the five body shapes and then I also cover tips for petite and taller women. If you’re not sure what body shape you are then check out my guide.


Apple Body Shape

If you are a luscious apple, you will have a full tummy and but lovely slender legs.  You want to create balance and so wedges are perfect for this.  Calf length boots will show off your lovely legs.

If you are an apple body shape with short legs then choose a more slender heel.  If you have longer legs then go for a chunkier wedge heel.

winter boots wedge heel – wedge heel boots

Pear Shaped Body

You carry your weight in your lower half.

Avoid calf length winter boots. These will simply make you look broader.

Instead look for knee length winter boots or ankle boots.

Choose boots that do not have a lot of embellishment and wear tights or leggings that match the boots and have an elongating effect.

Winter Boots Knee High

John Lewis Knee High Boots

Hourglass Body Shape

With your lovely curves, you will look great in a pair of ankle boots.

These will show off your lovely curvy ankles.

Rounded toes will also accentuate your curves. Heels should be stacked to show off your curves and add balance to your body.

You should consider mid-height heels, as the boots will be in proportion, low or high heels will look too clumpy.

winter boots cone heels

Mint Velvet Boots

Athletic Body Shape

You are looking to create curves.

Stilettos will add definition to your lower legs and in particular your calves.

You can also wear boots with embellishment and details that will add width to your lower body.

With regard to length of winter boots, you can wear all styles except for slouchy boots, as these will be disproportionate to your slim legs.

winter boots stilettos

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You want to add definition and balance to your lower half, so consider chunky heels and winter boot designs for this.

Calf length, slouch boots or cowboy boots will look fabulous on you to balance your broader top half.

Boots with embellishments or details will also help to balance your body shape.

winter boots calf length

Mustang Boots – Zalando

Petite Women

Add heels!

If you are a petite woman with long legs then over the knee boots will look fabulous. Pointed toes will also help to elongate your height.

Avoid embellishments and details around your ankles as this will create a horizontal line and have the effect of undoing the illusion of height.

If you are petite with short legs, then go for ankle boots with a heel.

Winter boots over the knee

Carvela Over The Knee Boots

 Tall Women

Winter boots look fantastic on tall women, particularly if you are tall and slender.

You can wear heels but you will also look amazing in low heel winter boots.

Riding boots with a low heel will look really glamorous.

If you have large feet then go for styles with a more rounded toe to help balance the length.

So What About ‘Difficult Feet’?

Wide Feet

I have wide feet and find that Dune’s shoes and boots generally work for me and so do some Russell & Bromley styles.   Apart from that it’s pot luck and very often tears of frustration!

Narrow Feet

For me this was always one of those ‘nice to have problems’. That was until a friend who has very narrow feet told me that she struggles to find footwear where her feet stay in the shoe! James Inglis cater for narrow feet.

Brands that cater for different width fittings (not necessarily across their entire range) are:

Ted & Muffy


Vince Camuto

Sam Edelman

Hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration for boot shopping!

Just One Last Thing…

One question I’m regularly asked is how to style ankle boots with jeans or skirts/dresses.

My simple answer is you need to feel comfortable and confident. You do not want to feel self-conscious or faintly ridiculous with your outfit. This goes much deeper than simply boots but winter boots are a great example.

Here are a few suggestions, which are generalist and don’t take into account body shape:


Skinny or straight jeans are best with ankle boots.

You can either tuck jeans in to your ankle boots or you can roll them over the top or create cuffs to sit on the top of your boots.


Ankle boots look great with mini, knee length or midi skirts depending on the style and design of each.

I’ve found that wearing ankle boots extended the life of some of my summer skirts.

Mini or knee length skirts – you can add opaque tights, the same colour as your boots if you want to blend your look.

Finally … A Huge Thank You

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blogs, either comments on the blog posts or on social media.   Your input means such a lot to me.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below what subjects you would like me to cover in 2017.

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