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about eating disorders

About Eating Disorders: Do You Know The Symptoms?

Last week at a networking event I used my member spotlight to talk about Eating Disorders.  The response I received was overwhelmingly supportive. One attendee said that she had goose bumps listening to me speak. I speak from my heart, as someone who battled anorexia for over 20 years. As a result I am passionate […]

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Off The Shoulder Top

How To Embrace The Look: Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops are a trend that is showing no sign of going away.   A really big trend that started to emerge in 2014/15 and has just got bigger and stronger for 2017. While I’m not into following trends for the sake of it, fashion does to some extent govern buyers choices.  Therefore it’s useful […]

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AbCrack: Healthy Look Or Dangerous Obsession?

After reading the headline article in the Times Magazine on Saturday ‘Have You Seen My AbCrack?’ I felt compelled to comment. Let me make it clear, just in case you’ve not read my story or previous blogs, I do not advocate extreme dieting or obsessive exercise. A 20-year battle with anorexia and an obsession with […]

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Dressing for your age

The Ugly Truth About Dressing For Your Age

I get so mad when I read articles about Dressing for your age. My blood pressure starts to rise when I see headlines such as: ’25 items in your wardrobe you cannot wear over the age of 30’ ‘My top tips for dressing for your age in your 30s, 40s, 50s’ – Seriously like we […]

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Statement Pieces

How To Use Statement Pieces To Create A UFI

What are UFIs?   They are Unique Fashion Identifiers, statement pieces that are eye-catching and say a lot about your personality.  You can have as many statement pieces as you like. Your UFIs can be clothing or accessories, let’s look at accessories first, as these can be the most versatile and often eye-catching statement pieces. Jewellery […]

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Ruth Randall Life Coach

Beating Yourself Up Is Pointless

Welcome to Part 3 of my interview with Ruth where Ruth finally learns that beating yourself up is a destructive behaviour and there are much better approaches to life. In part 1 we looked at how her life had been perfect before plunging into chaos.  In Part 2 we saw how Ruth began to rebuild […]

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lumps and bumps show

Lumps And Bumps Show – Labels Do Not

For some women it’s really difficult to accept going up a dress size.  As someone who suffered from anorexia for over 20 years I can completely relate to this feeling.  This really is about self-esteem and how we perceive ourselves. If I tried something on in a size 8 when I was starting to gain […]

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Worth Full Price

You Are Worth Full Price

Do you head straight for the bargain rail when you enter the clothes department? Hands up – I used to do this. This can be a result of childhood experiences about the value of money. But it can also have a deeper meaning. I learnt as I was growing up to look for bargains. My […]

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