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pleated skirt styles

How To Look Awesome In A Skirt

So what skirt styles are ‘in’ or rather on trend for Spring Summer 2017? Anyone who knows me will be scratching his or her head in wonder at that one! I don’t do trends!  While I’d love to claim Coco Chanel’s lovely quote for my own, fashion is not and shouldn’t be the primary reason for […]

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lines and curves magic

You Need To Know How To Create Wardrobe Magic

Now we’re going to talk about lines and curves, I tell my clients, offering to them the suggestion that we’re about to create some style magic!   It provokes an interesting reaction. Some laugh, others smile politely wondering what’s coming next,. While others look slightly bewildered wondering if I’m going to get my Potterish wand out! […]

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thick thighs

Thick Thighs? You can wear Shorts!

Some women despair that having thick thighs means that you end up slouching around in maxi skirts or leggings and big baggy T Shirts at this time of year. It doesn’t need to be that way as you, will have the most amazing parts of your body to accentuate. Then it’s simply a case of […]

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taller woman can wear heels

Can I wear Flip Flops to Work?

Don’t ruin your promotion prospects at work this summer! However much you love your job or running your own business it can be tough to stay motivated when the temperature rises and the temptation is to take a day out on the beach or soaking up the sun in the garden!  Looking professional and keeping […]

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Flouncy Sleeves

I Hate my Arms!

Do you dread the summer, as warmer weather means showing your arms?  Many of us feel that our arms should remain safely hidden away, which is fine in winter, but let’s face it can get us hot and bothered in summer! When women say ‘I hate my arms’ this isn’t just older women or those who […]

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