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You Are Passionate About A New Pair Of Jeans?

When you find a new pair of jeans that work for you it feels like a dream come true? While we might find it a nightmare to shop for a new pair of jeans we love denim.  Let’s face jeans are versatile and convenient.  They can be dressed up or down and are staple items of clothing in many wardrobes.  But when we buy a new pair of jeans we need to think not just about the style, but the environmental cost too.

environmental impact of a new pair of jeans

Facts about denim

  • 8000 litres of water to make one new pair of jeans!
  • Harmful chemicals that are used in the dyeing process of denim
  • Distressed jeans – are sometimes sandblasted to create the worn look

But it isn’t all bad news and many brands are doing a lot to work on their eco-credentials. So when you buy a new pair of jeans consider some of the following brands.

Brands With Good Eco Credentials


Supports the Better Cotton Initiative and works with Jeanologia, which specializes in sustainable and efficient technologies to reduce chemicals, water and energy in production.


Have very high eco-credentials and are the only brand that works with a truly circular economy.  Using recycled fibres, recycled water in production and a carbon offsetting program. They also offer a ‘lease a jean’ program where you can lease a pair of jeans for a year and then effectively swap them out for a new pair.


This innovative brand re-purposes Levis vintage denim.  Taking the pre-loved jeans apart at the seams and making into new jeans.  The jeans are manufactured in LA using water conserving techniques and no harsh chemicals. Because the jeans are made from repurposed denim every pair is unique.  They offer free global shipping.

People Tree

People Tree were pioneers of ethical fashion before most of us had started to consider it!

They source from Fair Trade suppliers who produce ethical and eco fashion clothing.   People Tree developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product.

Asos Recycled Denim

In 2017 Asos partnered with REMO (the Recycle Movement) to use a mixture of recycled cotton and cotton made in Africa for their Recycled range.


A New Pair Of Jeans By Body Shapenew pair of jeans finishing process uses chemicals

It can sometimes help to have a quick guide on what to look for according to your shape. So I’ve put together a brief summary on what styles to look for:

Pear Shaped Body

If you have large hips and thighs with a small-defined waist jeans are probably a nightmare!   You need to buy for your hips and thighs but this means a new pair of jeans rarely fits on your hips?

If you’re tall you can get away with wider legged trousers.  With jeans be careful about looking at flares unless you are very tall as the weight of the denim may mean you have too boxy a shape.   If you are petite definitely stay away from flared styles as they will not work for you, making you look ‘bottom heavy’.

Regular or straight jeans are going to look good.  If you like wearing longer tops or tunics you can also get away with skinny. More than most body shapes you will want jeans that really do cater to the feminine figure and have a more curvy style.

Hourglass Shape Body

You have a gorgeous silhouette with bust and hips pretty much equal and a well-defined waist.  But like pear shaped bodies you sometimes struggle to find a new pair of jeans that fit on your waist.  Again look for jeans for curvy women and styles with an element of elastane.

Skinny will look great on you and show off your hourglass curves providing you are not petite.  If you’re petite you should choose regular or straight styles.

A tall hourglass figure will look great in flares or wide legged jeans.  A petite hourglass will not be able to carry off these styles, as they will make you look shorter.

Apple Shaped Body

If you have no defined waist, a tummy and fabulous arms and legs you are very likely an apple shaped body.

You are looking to create some definition and shape.  But don’t be misled into thinking that you should hide yourself behind the widest flares you can find.

An apple has great legs and so a bootcut style will look good.  Following the line of your legs and then flaring out slightly. This flare at the bottom will create balance and take attention away from your midsection.

Athletic Body Shapenew pair of jeans skinny jeans

Your bust and hips are pretty much in alignment and you don’t really have a defined waist.   While you may wish you had more curves, when it comes to a new pair of jeans you are the lucky one!

You have a wide choice in terms of styles.  Go for whatever style you like from skinny to wide legged jeans.

If you are a petite athletic body shape beware of jeans that are too flared as they will make you look shorter with too much width at the bottom.

Love skinny jeans – add some volume to your top half with a top or blouse to create some shape and make your legs look even better!

Inverted Triangle Shape

Your shoulders are broad and your hips are slim.  You have a bit of a waist, but it’s not really that well defined.

You want to add balance to your bottom half and so wider legs will look great. Bootcut jeans will also look fabulous and add some width at your feet to balance your shape.

If you want to wear skinny jeans then you really need to do this with a top that you can belt and add definition to your waist area.  Alternatively a long tunic with an asymmetric hemline would be an option, but you need some shape and definition around your waist.

But don’t forget that charity shops and dress agencies can be a fantastic source of pre-loved jeans.   They will be a new pair of jeans for your wardrobe even if they’re not brand new.  You will often find designer labels and expensive brands at unbeatable prices.  Okay so you’re a chance on styles and sizes but it’s always worth a look!

If you are not sure what body shape you are or would simply like more information about clothes for your body shape, then why not take a look a my body shape guide.



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taller woman

Wouldn’t You Just Love To Be A Taller Woman?

Hands up those of us who are average height or below and have dreamt what it would be like to be a taller woman?

Many of us believe that those added inches would make all our style issues simply evaporate!

Well as we know the grass is always greener isn’t it?

grass greener taller woman

Now put yourself in the shoes of someone who is >5’10” (1.78M), so considered a taller woman. While it might feel great to survey the world from a different perspective; think about the challenges you face and if you’re stepping into those shoes you will probably find that they are too big!

Just for a moment envisage what it might be like to struggle to battle with jeans which appear to have a Mexican stand off with your shoes and sleeves that argue with your wrists!

Add to that a posture with a few legacy challenges; as you struggled not to be taller than your friends during that frenzied teenage growth spurt.

Like most style challenges if you are a taller woman it’s about following a framework. But as I will keep reiterating it’s about how you express yourself in a way that feels right for you.

Like my recent blog about petite fashion, if you are a taller woman you are not a unique body shape. Being tall is another dimension on top of your body shape. You are most likely to be either a slender athletic shape, an inverted triangle or a pear body shape.

I hope that the following tips and advice, along with my suggestions on where you can shop will be useful if you are a taller woman.

1. Jeans and Trousers

If you are a tall slender athletic body shape or an inverted triangle you are going to look great in most styles of trousers and jeans.

You will look fantastic in skinny jeans, but equally as good in flared jeans or trousers, which will add some width to your slender frame.

If you are a tall pear body shape, you want to look at trousers and jeans with a wide or straight leg but the key is to keep the area around the hips as fuss free as possible!

The real difference though comes around the detailing on trousers and jeans. Tall pear shapes should avoid adding bulk with pockets and pleats as this will add width at the widest part of your body.  But if you are a slender tall woman then you may want to add some detail and width at your hips to create a slightly curvier silhouette.


skinny jeans for taller woman

Bell Sleeve Blouse Taller Woman

Lipsy Bell Sleeve Blouse

2. Sleeves

I’m going to lump sleeves into a general pile rather than explore blouses, dresses, jackets and coats as separate elements.

The problem is the same regardless of garment – finding sleeves that are long enough for a taller woman and what to do when the sleeves are not quite right.

Bell sleeves look great on tall slender women. Flaring out from the shoulder and ending anywhere between elbow and wrist. The width of the sleeves will help to make your arms look shorter.

Regardless of your body shape, look for double cuffed blouses that you can create a slight boho chic look by wearing the cuff extended.

Sleeves that are just a bit too short can be pushed up to give a ¾ length appearance (versus finishing just shy of your wrists). Add chunky bracelets and a wide strapped watch to create balance.


3. Hemlines

You will look great in mid-calf length skirts and dresses. This length is really difficult to pull off unless you are a taller woman. This is because it creates a horizontal line just where you don’t need it at the widest part of your calves.

Maxi dresses will look amazing. If you are very tall just check that the length is long enough! A fitted maxi dress with a split for a party will just make your legs look endless!

If the style is quite loose then consider making a waist if you are a slender frame. If you have a tall pear shape body then consider styles that skim your hips and drawn attention to your top half. Strapless or spaghetti straps are great.

You will also look great in skirts that finish just above the knee and for those with slender legs then you can opt for mini skirts.

4. Heels

Do not feel you are consigned to a life in flats if they don’t appeal!taller woman can wear heels

Like most style tips that I give, it’s about your own confidence levels and not about what you ‘should’ do.   If you feel good and want to wear heels then go ahead.

I’m forever giving women tips on how to make their legs look longer. I normally advise avoiding shoes with chunky ankle straps and details. These make the wearer look shorter as they create horizontal lines.   Guess who will look absolutely fantastic in chunky ankle straps?

I would however look at more rounded toes and styles – avoiding pointy toe styles, as these will make your feet look longer. If you have very slender legs beware of footwear that’s too chunky as it will have a ‘Minnie Mouse’ effect.

You will also look fantastic in over the knee boots with those lovely long legs.

5. Accessories

Belts – As a taller woman you will look fantastic in belts.

They will create a horizontal line and add definition to your waist. If you choose contrasting colours this will create even more of a horizontal line.

Remember that every horizontal line will add width and reduce height to the eye.

Bags – large day bags are yours to wear and hold! Just a note of caution that any bag styles that are too chunky may still overwhelm you if you are very slender. So consider this when you are choosing handbags.

Large jewellery will look great on you, but again I will just say that if you are extremely slender be careful that the styles you pick are in proportion.

Choker necklaces look amazing on tall women as you have the height to really show off the look. If you are a pear shaped body then even better as you’re drawing the eye upwards.

Learn to love your height and not feel it’s a hindrance. I can guarantee that most women under 5’ 7” would love to be taller!


Shopping Suggestions If You Are A Taller Woman

Long Tall Sally – ‘At Long Tall Sally we don’t just sell clothes for tall women. We champion tall women.’ Since 1976 LTS has been specializing in sourcing clothing and footwear brands for tall women.

Legs For Days – only supplying fashion to long tall girls!

6 Foot Fashion – launched by Kelly Scott as a one stop shop for clothes and accessories for taller women.

Several High Street brands also offer a ‘tall range’ but their ranges are not as wide nor do they cater for the really taller woman as the specialist retailers I have listed.




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weekend away fly and flop

Weekend Away Avoid Packing Nightmares

This morning found me frantically booking a last minute weekend away.

I’ve known for ages that this weekend is free. What’s more it is the only weekend in July and August we don’t have commitments. But do I get anything organized?

But rather than beat myself up (seriously what is the point?) why not celebrate? I did succeed in booking a weekend away despite the tall order.   A nice hotel near the Norfolk coast for 2 adults and 2 dogs in August with three days’ notice!

I’m sure that part of my supine approach is that I’m now distinctly chilled when I travel. It used to take weeks of planning and panic about what to pack, but now it’s just a walk in the park.

Talking to friends recently they were telling me about their recent trip to Paris. Their weekend away was great but they were blaming Eurostar for their generous baggage allowance. It had meant that they had ended up lugging around large suitcases of ‘just in case’ shoes and unworn dresses!

weekend away city break

Their experience and mine led me to write this post and give you my top tips for packing for a weekend away.

Naturally what you take will depend on what you are doing, where you are going and the weather. So I’ve split my tips into the three most popular types of weekend based on three days and two nights.


Weekend Away In The Country UK

The bad news is that you need to prepare yourself for all weathers.   The good news is that you are likely to be driving. This means you have space in the car.

weekend away in country

It’s not cheating to say let’s put the all weather gear directly in the car!

First you need to consider any activities and the type of accommodation you will be staying in, but the principles are the same:

Colour – base your outfits on colours that work together. This maximizes the number of outfits you can make from the minimum number of items. This should include all items.

Keep it casual – unless you’re attending a specific event or occasion. Otherwise pack

  1. One-two pairs of jeans
  2. Two camisoles or T shirts
  3. One smart top
  4. One jumper or additional layer
  5. Two-Three scarves + jewellery
  6. One pair of flats
  7. One pair of heels
  8. One dress for evening

Use your jewellery and scarves to create additional outfits.  Take photos if that helps to remind you of the combinations.

For evenings wear smart top, jeans and heels one night, dress and heels the second night. Wear smart top with jeans and flats for one day.

If you are staying in a hotel with a spa, don’t forget your swimming costume!

Weekend Away Fly and Flop

A short break to a sunny destination with a beach and or a pool is the easiest break to pack for.   This is a fabulous chance to unwind and recharge your batteries.

weekend away beach

The most stressful part for me is deciding what book to take. I panic at the thought of running out of reading material. The good news is that with this capsule wardrobe you’ll have room to add a second book.

For a fly and flop weekend away all you will need is:

  1. Two bikinis (they don’t take up room!)
  2. One beach cover up (Kaftan, Sundress or Sarong)
  3. One pair of shorts
  4. Two T shirts – to wear to breakfast with your shorts and travel home
  5. Two Dresses – can be worn for evenings or exploring
  6. One pair of flats
  7. One pair of heels
  8. One shrug or large scarf
  9. Two Scarves and Jewellery
  10. Beach bag – unless you’re simply flopping beside the hotel pool.

Once again it is key that you either chose one colour or a minimal colour palette.   This is the biggest tip I’ll be able to give you.

If you do sneak an extra top or pair of shorts into your luggage, as you don’t believe you will have enough clothes, then at least ensure these are in the same pallet.


Weekend Away European City Break

The key to this being a successful weekend away is comfort.

A city break implies you will be on the move.

It’s an opportunity to explore all that your destination has to offer. Feet will get tired through lots of pavement pounding and deserve to be treated with respect!

If your return trip means a late flight or train journey, check what arrangements your hotel has for luggage. Most hotels are accommodating, but what bigger incentive to travel light if you do have to take your luggage with you on your last day!

Check the weather forecast for your destination before you go. This should help to finally determine what you pack.

  1. One pair of jeans or shorts
  2. Two camisoles or T-shirts
  3. Two dresses for evenings
  4. One jumper or additional layer
  5. Two-Three scarves + jewellery
  6. One pair of heels
  7. One pair of flats – fun flats you can wear in the evening if your feet are two tired for heels

Wear ‘I can walk all day in these shoes’ for travel. Make sure the jacket you wear to travel is versatile and you’ll be happy to wear for day/evening wear during your trip.

weekend away munich

Space Saver Tips For Packing

My number one tip for packing, to use the minimum space and keep clothes looking good, is to roll not fold.

This is a lifesaver for clothes that may crease such as T-shirts. It is also good for clothes such as knitwear, which can be bulky.

However I always lay jeans and shorts flat, as I find they take up less room this way.

Use ziplock bags for jewellery to avoid catching jewellery on clothing and other items.

weekend away space saver tip

Still Not Sure What To Take?

Start with your favourite item such as a dress. Take my suggestions and see if you can then build your full list of items around your favourite item.

If this doesn’t work then start to lay out possible options and combinations on your bed. But remember sneaking extra items in will mean you’ll be taking more than you need, so edit it back down to the basic list!

Do you have any packing tips for a weekend away that you can share with us?  Please leave comments below.

If you are looking for tips on how to avoid taking a bigger suitcase on a longer holiday, see my blog covering Holiday Essentials





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turning your back on skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans are So Last Year!

Forget skinny jeans, Flares are back announced the Sunday Times last week.

I recoiled in horror at the headline. Skinny jeans are an integral part of my wardrobe!

There’s nothing quite as emotive as our relationship with our jeans!    I remember my first shopping trip to buy a pair of denims. It was the shopping trip from hell with tears of frustration eventually followed by high fives when I found a pair that fitted!

skinny jeans

In the early 2000s I flirted with flares, before heading back to skinny jeans. They work for me, they look good and I feel fantastic wearing skinny jeans.

The Sunday Times article promoted this post  as it’s style that’s important, rather than fashion. Here are my tips for finding the perfect jeans for your body shape.   If you’d like help determining your body shape then my handy body shape guide will be useful.

jeans for everyone


Hourglass Body Shape

You want to define your gorgeous curvy shape. But you also need to be careful not to overemphasize your hips and keep your figure in proportion.

Straight leg jeans (or slim jeans)

These will flatter you by balancing your silhouette, giving the illusion of height – ideal if you’re a petite hourglass body shape.

Wide leg/Flare

If you are an hourglass you can wear wide legged jeans with one proviso. You need to be tall enough to carry off the wide legs. Selecting slimmer flares will create the illusion of more height.

Skinny jeans

You can wear skinny jeans as an hourglass but you need to be a slender hourglass and quite tall to carry this look off successfully. Too curvy or too short will give you a top-heavy look.

Quick tip: Do not go for tapered styles, as this will also have the effect of making your hips look out of balance.


Pear Shaped Body

Wide Leg/Flare

A wider leg will help to balance your hips.

Just be careful to keep the flare/wide leg slimmer if you are petite.   A very wide leg or big flare will make you look out of proportion


With the slightly wider lower leg this style is ideal for you as it will balance out your hips and bottom.


You can wear straight leg providing you are comfortable with your curves. Talking to a friend the other day she didn’t believe me! Convinced that her hips were too wide to wear anything slimmer than a bootcut.

I urged her to try a pair on and she was amazed how good they looked in dark denim, especially when we added a pretty blouse that ended just below her waist and above her hips. It was a no brainer decision to buy them!

Quick tip: Keep details on the pockets to a minimum – highly decorated back pockets will just draw attention to the wrong parts!

skinny jeans

Apple Body Shape

You are trying to add balance and draw attention to your legs and hips.


The flare at the bottom of the leg will help to draw the eye away from your midsection and will create balance.

Wide Leg/Flare

Do not be tempted to just get the widest leg jeans possible in the belief that it’s the only way you can wear jeans. It won’t work! I appreciate that some manufacturers seem to think it’s the only option but the more enlightened ones know it’s only an option if you are tall enough to carry it off!

If you are petite then it will have the effect of creating width and make you look shorter.

Flares and wide legs come in different widths so look for more slender shapes.

Quick tip: Look for details on pockets and stitching which will draw the eye to your hip line.


Athletic Body Shape

The world is your oyster you have the biggest choice and can wear all styles.

Just remember you want to create curves and thereby add balance.   I’ve suggested a few tips on how to do this and what to watch for.

Wide Leg/Flares

As you want to add definition go for styles that taper over your slender thighs and flare lower down. This will help to create the illusion of curves and shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

This more relaxed cut and its new feminine friend will look great on your slender frame. But remember to add a belt to create some waist definition.

Skinny Jeans

Add some volume to your top half. Only wear very fitted tops if you’re adding accessories. You want to create shape and definition.

Quick tip: faded look jeans with more than one colour tone will look fabulous on your long slender legs.

skinny jeans


Inverted Triangle Shape

You want to create volume on your lower half to give you balance. This means you need to think in terms of wider cuts.

Wide Legs/Flares

Like our athletic body shape you want to create definition so flares/wide legs are good but again be careful about the width of the legs you want shape not a mass of material!


The wider lower legs are great for inverted triangle shapes. Like flares/wide legs they will add definition without losing shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

The more relaxed looser styles will look good on you. But like our athletic body shape friends you need to add a belt to create definition at your waist.

Quick Tip: Your body shape may have developed as a result of toning.   Boyfriend/girlfriend jeans can help with your defined quadriceps!

boyfriend jeans

Hope that this helps guide you through the minefield of what jean shapes to choose for your body shape. However, there other things you need to consider when choosing your perfect jeans.

Why not book a free discovery call with me to find out what the best style of jeans are for your shape? 

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Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day – will you be wearing yours?

jeans for genes day





September 18th – Jeans for Genes Day

What will you be wearing on September 18th? Getting your denims out, I hope!

Jeans for Genes Day is a National Fundraising Day.  The purpose of which is to  raise money and create awareness about genetic disorders.

Genetic Disorders in Numbers

The facts about genetic disorders are frightening to say the least:

  • 1 in 25 children in the UK are born with a Genetic Disorder;
  • The annual number of children born in the UK with a Genetic Disorder is 30,000;
  • There are over 6,000 different types of Genetic Disorders.

Giving birth to a child that is unwell or severely disabled must be difficult enough for parents.  Struggling for years with your child’s condition and no clear diagnosis must be very challenging.  Finally when you are given a diagnosis, to then be told your child has ‘a rare genetic disorder’ must be extremely traumatic.   In addition to the heartache of dealing with a sick and/or disabled child, how isolating it must feel to know that it only affects a handful of people?

Some diseases and disorders get a great deal of public attention.  They receive a great deal of  support and fundraising.  The flip side of this coin is that many genetic disorders fail to make the headlines because of their rarity.

This in turn can lead to a lack of understanding.  In some cases the children who suffer from some genetic disorders may suffer bullying and thoughtless remarks.  A friend of mine has a grandson who is 5 and suffers from a condition that’s affected his mobility.   For a while his mother continued to use a buggy but often heard remarks from passers by to the effect that the child was too old for a buggy.  The result?  She’s now invested in an expensive wheelchair for her son.

Genetic Disorders UK is a National Charity dedicated to supporting families affected by Genetic Disorders.  It acts as an umbrella organisation for charities which support specific disorders.  It’s annual fundraising day is called Jeans for Genes Day.   The money raised by Jeans for Genes Day is used to:

  • Run an annual grant programme.  This programme is open to all UK support groups and charities caring for children with genetic disorders.
  • Develop resources for schools.  Resources which help to make pupils more aware and empathetic of the difficult lives that other children lead.
  • Fund Genetic Disorders UK, the National charity dedicated to supporting families affected by genetic disorders.

I have a couple of friends who have children who suffer from rare genetic conditions.   It never fails to move me how cheerful and resilient both the children and the parents are.     There are some incredible children and families out there. It’s inspirational to watch and read their stories.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley has Treacher Collins syndrome.  This means he was born without a jaw, cheekbones and ears. The video of Ashley shows us how he gets around, the daily challenges that his symptoms present.  He also explains how he deals with the bullying that he has experienced as a result of his condition.  Watch Ashley’s story here

Maisy’s Story

Eight-year-old Maisy was born with the genetic disorder recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (EB).  This means that Maisy has a painful skin condition that makes the skin very fragile.
Read Maisy’s story here

Isabella’s Story

Five-year-old Isabella was born with the rare and fatal genetic disorder Tay-Sachs disease. Most children with the condition die between three and five years of age.
Read Isabella’s story here

Jeans for Genes Day at Want Her Outfit

Jeans for Genes Day has targeted a number of initiatives designed for the Workplace, Schools and Nurseries.  Hence it was thinking caps on at Want Her Outfit to decide how to help!

I decided to keep it simple and create more awareness about Jeans for Genes Day in two ways.

1. Donations for Jeans for Genes Day

I will donate £5 for every pair of jeans or chinos sold between 5th September and 18th September.

2. Awareness – Enter our Jeans for Genes Day Competition

Whether you use Facebook or Twitter why not help to create more awareness of Jeans for Genes Day.  In return for your support in raising awareness we’ll enter you in a draw to win a £50 voucher to spend with Want Her Outfit.  All you need to do is:

Facebook – like our page and share our Jeans for Genes Day Competition Post on your timeline;

Or on Twitter – follow Want Her Dress and Jeans for Genes and retweet the competition picture.

Simple isn’t it?  The competition is open now and will close on September 19th.

Thank you for helping us to support Jeans for Genes Day.

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans

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