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pleated skirt styles

How To Look Awesome In A Skirt

So what skirt styles are ‘in’ or rather on trend for Spring Summer 2017? Anyone who knows me will be scratching his or her head in wonder at that one! I don’t do trends!  While I’d love to claim Coco Chanel’s lovely quote for my own, fashion is not and shouldn’t be the primary reason for […]

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Whitney Valverde

Blog for Passion and not for Profit

Welcome to Part 2 of my Interview with Whitney Valverde, author of Whitney’s Wonderland Blog. Whitney won the Best Fashion Blogger Category of my Women are B.E.S.T awards earlier this year.   One of the prizes for each of the category winners was the opportunity to work with me. Whitney and I have some great ideas on […]

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Whitneys Wonderland

Whitney does not do Winter

Let me introduce Whitney Valverde, the winner of the Best Blogger category of my Women are B.E.S.T awards this year. The awards were set up to celebrate my Narnia year!  Leaving corporate life I found that the world of networking had transformed since the 1990s.  Women’s networking had morphed into a supportive and collaborative environment. I guess […]

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