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How To Make Shopping For Clothes Fun And Simple

Do you feel a sense of overwhelm when you think about shopping for clothes?

shopping for clothes

Perhaps you set off to the shops with good intentions, but come home empty handed, feeling tired and grumpy because you can’t find anything you like.  Alternatively you buy something wear it, once before consigning it to languish in the back of your wardrobe.

Or maybe you decide to shop online but get overwhelmed with the choice. Type in Women’s Clothes Shopping to Google and you’re presented with 19, 100,000 results!  Oh to make shopping for clothes online, simpler!

Talking to my friends I find that the sheer amount of choice means they stick to stores or brands they know when they shop online.   Many of them don’t want to waste precious time browsing for clothes. We are so time poor that if we shop online we want the experience to be simple.

How much easier would it be if someone else has done the grunt work for us?

Would it encourage you to shop online more or be more adventurous if someone had:

  • Browsed multiple sites and collated a collection from a range of retailers
  • Created a platform to help you collect items you really like to review
  • Be able to check stock instantly and create a seamless purchase experience

Does that sound fun? Check out my reviews of three apps that do exactly that the make it easy to shop online. Install one on your phone today and give it a try!



‘Slick and Stylish’

This App is really well thought through and well designed.   It is looking to build a fan base and act as a social media platform if you chose to use it to its full potential.

As you click on the App for the first time you are asked to choose three boards from a selection. These are collections of different types of styles.

By doing this the App will refine your feed. In practice I set up a couple of accounts with different looks and got the same feed!

The feed is a mixture of individual items and boards created by users.

Polymer Feed Shop Online

Polyvore Feed

Individual Items

You can click on individual items to like, shop online or use them to create your own style boards.

Style Boards

You can create boards or interact with other users’ boards.

Polyvore Style Board

Polyvore Example Style Board

Like, share or comment on style boards. Tap on the board and this will take you to the individual items you can click through to buy.Or be more specific with your browsing requests – picking trends, garment types and adding filters to narrow down the field.

Polyvore Items on Style Board

Polyvore Items On Style Board

You can also add your own photos to the items to enhance the style boards, which allows you to upload images from your wardrobe to add to outfits. These images are coming from your photos and will not be cut out images on a white background.

Using the search function on Polyvore allows you to look for some very specific long tail search terms or type in your own search.  You can then apply filters to create a more specific search.



When you sign up to this shopping app you’ll be taken to a screen showing the latest collections. On average three collections are built per day.

Grabble Daily Online Collections

Grabble Daily Collections

Go into the collections and Tindr style (so I understand!) swipe to the left if you don’t like an item and to the right if you like an item.  The App doesn’t tell you how many items there are in the collections (see Mallzee)

If you select the browse option at the bottom of the screen you can also browse by category or by brand.  Or you have the choice to determine the way the items are sorted (recent, by price, on sale).   However you look at individual items and either like them, buy or simply ignore them (so no Tindr style swipes here!)

This will build up your collection. You can then:

  • View your collection,
  • Filter it by item type,
  • Remove items you don’t like
  • By tapping on individual items you can shop online for any items you like.

You are shopping on one interface (rather than being taken through to the retailer’s site that you’re purchasing from).

The upside to this is that you are not having to input details such as your address which you would be ordering from different retailers.

However, by paying for each item separately a delivery charge is applied to each item. This doesn’t allow you to build a basket to a value where free delivery might apply.

Unlike Polyvore it’s not possible to build up your own style boards and put outfits together, so it is purely a shopping site



My brain wasn’t in sync with this app when I tried to set it up!  But Malzee’s customer service was very helpful via the chat function.

Within your profile you can set up your own size chart. When you then go to search for items the default is to use your size profile settings. You can remove this filter if you are looking on behalf of someone else.

I also like that within the collections you can shop online selecting from Mallzee’s Instagram feed.

Mallzee Shop Our Instagram Feed

Mallzee Shop Our Instagram Feed

The browse menu allows you to select categories, brands, colours and a price range.

When you view the category you then have the option to discard, like or view the items. It gives you an item count for your search.

By dismissing or liking the item the total item count goes down, so you know how many more items you have to browse. You can go back to the last item too (whether you discarded or liked it).

If you view the item, a quick stock check is done. You can pull up the product details and have the option to look at other colours.

Mallzee Item Details Shop Online

Malzee Item Details

By confirming the size you can then purchase. An interesting difference was that testing this on my iPad the app appeared to hang. But on my iPhone a helpful message came up reminding me to select the size.

To look at the items you’ve saved click on the heart icon. By clicking on the filter symbol top right of the screen you can look at this by category.

You cannot create style boards with this app.


So Are You Ready To Try?

Each App has some great features. All of them want to send you notifications, particularly about items that reduce in price.   You can elect whether to receive these of course.

These are just some of the Apps out there for you to check out to simplify your shopping experience online.  Check them out here:




There are also a number of Apps that help you to organize your existing wardrobe (would be nice if they did the laundry too) and I’ll be taking a look at these very soon.

In the meantime if you use any other shopping apps I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If all of this still sounds a bit daunting why not have a chat with me about a Personal Shopping Experience?























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4 Responses to How To Make Shopping For Clothes Fun And Simple

  1. Linda July 3, 2017 at 9:46 am #

    Awesome Carol! I’m glad you are back to blogging. You must have put a lot of research into that. Thank you!

    • Carol July 3, 2017 at 10:36 am #

      Thanks Linda, for your lovely comment! Yes it did take a bit of work but it was great fun!

  2. Patricia Wood July 3, 2017 at 6:57 pm #

    Thanks Carol. Yes, ditto – good to read your blogs again. Are these UK apps?

    • Carol July 6, 2017 at 5:05 pm #

      Hi Pat
      Grabble and Mallzee are both UK apps. Polymer does occasionally throw up some International results but will offer the prices in GBP which is confusing. I’ve found by adding UK to the search terms narrows it down to UK retailers. You can order from non-UK retailers but just check the lead time for delivery (given before checkout) and arrangements for return. xx

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