How To Make Shopping For Clothes Fun

Does the thought of going shopping for clothes fill you with horror or delight?Personal Shopping Hitchin Style Coach

It’s an urban myth that all women love shopping for clothes.   In fact the majority of women find it a stressful and frustrating experience.

How many times do you come home without making a purchase or find yourself simply returning your items a few days later?  Perhaps you wear an outfit once then consign it to the back of the wardrobe?  Or worse still you find it months later with the tags still in tact….

Perhaps you do not have time to shop and find yourself browsing online.  This can be equally frustrating and sometimes more time consuming because of the sheer choice.

If you would like some help and guidance then why not book a shopping experience.    I offer this after we’ve done a colour analysis, image consultation and had a look at your wardrobe.  Why? Because I like to understand your style or what you are looking to achieve in terms of your look, your issues with finding clothes and what you may have in your wardrobe that we can utilise.

Before we head to the shops there’s definitely some homework to do!


Preparation Is Key

We will have a discussion about your objectives.  Are you looking for an outfit for a special occasion?  A new look for a new season?  General hints and tips about where to shop for your style?  This list is not exhaustive.  We just need to agree what you want to get out of the shopping experience.

Personal Shopping Preparation

You will need to give me an idea of your budget.   We will discuss any requirements you have regarding fabrics (e.g. allergies and sensitivities).  Then we’ll have a chat about the brands you like and any that you really dislike.

We will also need to look at your colours.  If you have not had a colour analysis I recommend we do this before we shop.  Why? Two reasons.  Firstly it’s much easier to shop when you know your colours as you can do a visual scan of a store very quickly based on colour.  Secondly shop lighting differs so much from store to store,  If we have the guidelines from your colour analysis then it’s much easier if the lighting’s not true.


Once we’ve decided where we plan to shop I’ll do a visit to the stores or shopping centre first.  I’ll have a look at what’s available.   If necessary I’ll order online via click and collect to ensure we have a good selection of clothes to try when we visit.   If I am not satisfied that we will find what we’re looking for I will suggest an alternative location .


Concierge Servicepersonal shopping Hitchin Style Coach

If you really hate shopping for clothes this can be a great alternative.

We start by discussing your style objectives and your budget.  I will create a vision board to show you what’s available in store or online.

I will shop on your behalf and we will arrange to meet for you to try on the items.   For any unwanted items I will arrange the return.

Half Day Shopping Experience

On the day of our shopping trip we’ll meet either in Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Milton Keynes or London.  We’ll have a quick review of your objectives, if you’ve added a couple don’t worry – we’ll do our best to fit these in!  Remember the aim of the trip is to have fun and to teach you how to shop.


We will then visit the stores where I’ve done a pre-shop, so you simply need to take the clothes and try them on.

As our shopping experience is as much about helping you to go shopping for clothes I will show you where to shop for the brands that suit you.   We will look at brands that match your style personality and work for your budget.  This process of narrowing down the choice is very cathartic for people who find shopping for clothes overwhelming.

We will spend up to 4 hours shopping together and the trip will include coffee when we meet and lunch.

If that sounds good why not have a chat with me about personal shopping?