Look Fantastic and Feel Fabulous

Look fantastic and feel fabulous and you’ll be smiling inside and out.

You will receive complements, which in turn will reinforce the positive feelings you feel about your appearance.  Your confidence will grow and you will feel empowered.

Understanding Your Style

Where Do We Begin?

We will look at how you want the world to see you.    Together we will create your own unique style blend!

We will explore the image you want to show to the world.  Once we’ve planted these seeds we will nurture them and watch them flourish.  As they blossom you will feel empowered to look fantastic and feel fabulous every time you get dressed.

What’s Holding You Back

We will consider anything that might be holding your back from expressing your true sense of style.  There are a number of factors that can sometimes affect the way we express ourselves and our attitude towards our clothes.  This can be very helpful.  However if you are not comfortable in exploring this we will move on to look at what suits you.

What Happens Next?

You can only look fantastic when you understand what suits you.   Equally when you know what suits you, it will help you to understand what styles to avoid.

To help you achieve this I will help you to understand your shape, scale and proportion.   We will work through different garment types.  I will show you what works for you and your unique style blend.

Being a stylist is a bit like being a magician.  I will share with you the fabulous tricks you can use to create wardrobe magic,   By the end of our session you will know how to conjure your unique wardrobe blend with styles that really suit you.

Image Consultation Hitchin Style Coach


Following our consultation I will create your unique Style File.  This will be your personal guide to help you look fantastic showing you what styles to look for, along with illustrations to guid you.


This consultation will take around 90 minutes and we will do this together in the comfort of your home.   If you haven’t had your colours analysed I strongly recommend that we do this at the same time.


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