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Wear It In Colour

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Date(s) - 18/03/2017
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Shining City Of Wardrobe


What Colours Really Suit You?

Spring is very definitely in the air and it’s a great time to start wearing colours!

So on Saturday 18th March  I’ll be back at The Shining City of Wardrobe, offering mini Colour Consultations.

Wearing The Wrong Colours

’You’re looking a bit peaky, are you feeling okay?’

If someone says that to you how do you react?  Maybe you will surreptitious start feeling your forehead with the back of your hand?  Perhaps you will rush to the Ladies to check if your throat is inflamed?

Rest assured the most likely explanation is that you’re wearing the wrong colours.

Wearing The Right Colours Wear It In Colour

The wrong colours can make you look tired and unwell.  If you wear the right colours and you’ll look amazing with a healthy glow!  You will find that people will look into your eyes, at your face and will truly engage with you!

They will not be distracted by the colours you’re wearing.  Neither will they be concerned that you’re looking tired and unwell.

This effect is called the circle of colour.  By wearing the right colours you will reflect your natural colouring.  It’s also fair to say that when you wear the right colours you will feel more positive and radiate confidence.  Let’s face it we all want to do that!

There’s another really great benefit to knowing your colours – it makes it much easier and cheaper to shop.

When you walk into a clothing store it’s very powerful to be able to look at the display and know what colours suit you and which ones to avoid.   The elimination process becomes much quicker!

I Enjoyed Shopping!

Gemma told me in an email that thanks to my help in understanding her colours, her recent shopping trip had been an enjoyable experience.  This was the first time for ages that she could remember shopping being enjoyable!

Other clients have said:

‘I discovered that I resonate with the Summer palette which was a delightful surprise and through ‘playing’ with my swatches, I can see the subtleties of where I’ve been going wrong all these years!’

‘Carol gave me my confidence back! I now know what to avoid and what looks good’ 


The Shining City Of WardrobeShining City of Wardrobe

This delightful preloved boutique nestles in the heart Hitchin.

Pauline Rose and her fabulous team offer a warm welcome and huge smile whenever you go into the shop.

Browse high street names and fabulous designer brands at bargain prices!

The Shining City of Wardrobe offers a fantastic service to help you after a good clear out.

Pauline will be honest about whether your clothes and accessories are right for her customers, her instinct is spot on.   If you are planning a wardrobe deTox why not recycle some of your preloved items?

Book Your Mini Colour Consultation Now

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