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Adding Wow To Your Wardrobe

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Date(s) - 12/10/2017
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Central London


A Unique & Exquisite Masterclass – Accessorise With Style

Do you ever have that feeling that your outfit is somehow missing something but you’re not sure what?accessorise with style

I’m a huge fan of fashion accessories.

I rarely leave the house without my jewellery or scarves that I believe are integral to my outfit.   On rare occasions I’ve left the house without my full look I’ve been known to buy new scarves and jewellery en route!

But when I’m working with clients I realize not everyone feels the same way I do. Most women I meet want to wear accessories, but they may have some blocks to overcome before they do.   The most common ones I’ve found are:

  • Not sure what jewellery suits you
  • Worried about drawing attention to yourself
  • Not sure what to do with scarves
  • Uncertain if everything has to colour match
  • Prone to hot flushes and scarves just make this worse

Why Should I Accessorise? 

Double or triple your wardrobe with a few accessories. One black dress, two scarves and two necklaces equal nine outfits!why should you accessorise

Accessories are a great way to dress up or dress down an outfit.

Tops that are not in your colour palette – rescue with the right accessories

Or you use accessories to create your unique signature style


Adding Wow To Your Wardrobe accessorise with style

A Unique & Exquisite Masterclass – Accessorise With Style

If that sounds good, why not join Karen Kennaby and I on 12th October for a fun filled Masterclass?

Learn how to make the most of accessories, where I’ll be showing you how to:

  • Complete and transform an outfit with accessories.
  • Tie scarves to create different effects
  • Choose the handbag that is the right shape and size for you
  • Select belts to suit your body shape
  • Learn what shape and size of jewellery works best for you
  • Invest in the right glasses frames for your face shape

Then we will be enjoying a delicious 2-course lunch and an opportunity to network with likeminded women


Book Now

To book your place for our Adding Wow To Your Wardrobe Masterclass simply click on the button below.  We are offering an early bird price of £150 if you book your place by 15th September. From 16th September the price will be £197.00.


Let Me Introduce You!Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby – Unique and Exquisite Events

Karen’s fabulous Unique and Exquisite Events – pulls together Karen Kennaby’s background in hotel management, 21 years owning and running an event management company, her love of travel and food, her coaching & mentoring expertise, and 3 of her core values – joy, delight and connection.

Karen adores sharing little known places, people and things and this glorious combination came together at the beginning of 2017.

Everything from a lunch somewhere hidden or special to a master class with a touch of magic to a week in a very special place!  Everything has that unique and exquisite flavour to it.

Karen invites you to Come (A)Way Beyond Imagination with every event!

Join the Clubroom free and be on the all important invitation list!























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