Creating Wardrobe Magic Consultation

Lost your sense of identity or not sure what styles suit you?my mission in life

Too many clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t wear?

Fed up with wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?

Are people telling you that you look tired or run down when you don’t feel it?

Creating Wardrobe Magic will help you to:

  • Discover how to express your unique personality through your clothes
  • Show you the colours that light you up and give you a healthy glow.
  • Understand what styles suit you and are perfect for your body shape
  • Learn how accessories can double the number of outfits in your wardrobe

What Does It Involve?

A 2.5 hour consultation with me in my home in Hertfordshire* where we will start by discussing what you want from our consultation. Before we move on to discuss:Understanding Your Style

Any issues you have with clothes, your approach to shopping and your wardrobe

I will analyse your colours, your body shape and face shape.

We will talk through clothing styles and I will show you what styles suit you and what to avoid.

Considering accessories we will look at jewellery, bags, belts and scarves.  We will look at what shape and style of shoes work for you.

I will show you simple tricks to help you look taller, shorter and draw attention to the bits you love and away from the bits you don’t!

Taking into consideration your face shape, we will look at hair styles and colour, what to look for when investing in a pair of glasses.

Will I Need To Take Lots Of Notes?

No – I want you to be able to listen and to ask questions if you’re not sure or want to know more.

But at the same time. I’ll be completing your Personalised Style Workbook during our time together.  After our consultation you will receive a handbag sized colour swatch for your seasonal colour palette and I will email you a copy of your Personalised Style Workbook which will contain:

  • Details Of your style personality
  • A detailed clothing guide showing you what styles suit you and are perfect for your body shape
  • Tips on what accessories to look for,
  • What to consider when choosing glasses
  • How to style your hair for your face shape
  • A toolkit for creating illusions with your clothing
  • Your handbag sized colour swatch for your seasonal colour palette

How Should I Prepare?Hitchin Style Coach Colour Analysis

Think about what struggles you have with your wardrobe and what would really make your life easier with your clothes.

It’s also a good idea to have in mind your favourite outfit (if you want to bring along a photo of you wearing your favourite outfit that would be perfect).

On the day you will need to wear leggings and a sleeveless top – as I need to see your silhouette (I won’t be taking measurements around your body but will be checking your height and some vertical measurements.

I need you to come along without make up.  If this is a problem, please feel free to bring make up remover and cotton wool with you, but I cannot analyse your colours if you are wearing make up.

Creating Wardrobe Magic Client Testimonial

I made an appointment to see Carol after feeling very lost with my style and sense of self post baby number 2.

As a busy Mum I don’t often have time to prioritise time for myself so I absolutely loved the time spent with Carol going through everything from face shape to colour analysis.

I now have such a clearer idea on what I should be wearing and why. Carol is a great listener and understood very quickly what I wanted to achieve from the consultation.

I couldn’t recommend her services enough. I feel better able to communicate ‘me’ through what I wear, which is truly wonderful. Thank you Carol. – Laura 

Book Your Consultation

To book your Creating Wardrobe Magic consultation click on the link or the book now button.  Please note that after you’ve booked a date, that payment in full is required before your booking is confirmed.  In order to make payment please click on the PayPal link

* I can travel to your home if that’s more convenient but there may be additional charges for travel costs depending on location.