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Women hate Clothes Shopping

Let’s debunk the populist myth women actually enjoy clothes shopping! Research shows that the concept of clothes shopping being therapeutic is an anathema to 44% of women.   The good news is that if you hate clothes shopping then you are not alone. So why do so many women dread clothes shopping? Body Confidence issues […]

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thick thighs

Thick Thighs? You can wear Shorts!

Some women despair that having thick thighs means that you end up slouching around in maxi skirts or leggings and big baggy T Shirts at this time of year. It doesn’t need to be that way as you, will have the most amazing parts of your body to accentuate. Then it’s simply a case of […]

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pile of clothes

I’ve got nothing to wear!

How often do you find yourself staring at a wardrobe full of clothes and feel you’ve got nothing to wear? Did you know that the 80/20 rule applies to our wardrobes? This will make you squirm – on average we wear 20% of what’s in our wardrobe the other 80% barely sees light of day! […]

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Colour from the Inside Out

  ’You’re looking a bit peaky, are you feeling okay?’ If someone says that to you and up to that point you’d been feeling fine, chances are you’ll surreptitiously start feeling your forehead with the back of your hand or nip to the loo to check if your throat is inflamed!  Rest assured the most likely […]

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halter neck

Don’t Get Hot under the Collar!

For the less adventurous I’m not advocating kite surfing! I am talking about wearing the right neckline for you. The secret to a flattering top or T Shirt is wearing the right neckline for your shape. Remember that top which is a great colour and shape for you but has spent more time lurking in […]

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taller woman can wear heels

Can I wear Flip Flops to Work?

Don’t ruin your promotion prospects at work this summer! However much you love your job or running your own business it can be tough to stay motivated when the temperature rises and the temptation is to take a day out on the beach or soaking up the sun in the garden!  Looking professional and keeping […]

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Can I have a bigger suitcase?

How do you decide on those holiday wardrobe essentials?  There are very few women who find it easy to pack to go on holiday. I’m guessing that so far you have: a)      done all the holiday planning and booking, b)      organised everyone else to know what they’re doing and  when c)       helped younger family members […]

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Flouncy Sleeves

I Hate my Arms!

Do you dread the summer, as warmer weather means showing your arms?  Many of us feel that our arms should remain safely hidden away, which is fine in winter, but let’s face it can get us hot and bothered in summer! When women say ‘I hate my arms’ this isn’t just older women or those who […]

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