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environmental cost of our wardrobes

What Is The Environmental Cost Of Our Wardrobes?

While we are becoming much more conscious about the damage we’re doing to our planet in many ways.  Are you really aware of the environmental cost of our wardrobes? Our Spending Habits The average Brit spends £1042 on clothes each year Women on average own 95 items of clothing We only wear 59% of our […]

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Philippa Taylor Simple Ways To Feel Fab

Philippa Taylor: Simple Ways To Feel Fab

This week I’m delighted to welcome Philippa Taylor as my guest blogger.  Philippa is one of the happiest most cheerful women I know.  She genuinely has a great big grin on her face every time I see her! I asked if she would share her secrets!  Philippa told me that there were no secrets just a […]

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Goa Christmas

Goa: More than just a fabulous holiday

I laugh when I look back now at the angst I was feeling about travelling to Goa. What was making me so anxious? A number of things to be honest: It was our first holiday that wasn’t to our property in France since 2009. I’d travelled a lot for business in the subsequent years but […]

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