Accessorise With Style & Confidence

Accessorise with styleWould you love to save money on clothes and have more outfits to wear?

How would it feel to be more confident about choosing and wearing accessories?  So that whenever you wear them you feel like you are able to accessorise with style.
Following a recent survey I found:
  • Only 13% love wearing belts and feel confident about wearing them
  • 26% of women aren’t sure what to do with scarves and jewellery
  • 62% were not sure about choosing glasses

It was this survey that encouraged me to launch a complete head to toe course, where you will learn how to Accessorise With Style & Confidence.
We will look at the importance of accessories, why you should wear them.
You will learn what to consider when choosing and wearing accessories.    Master the art of determining your face shape.   Understand how your wrist circumference and shoe size play a part in choosing a new handbag!
You will learn and appreciate that belts are not just about holding your trousers up.   Understand how the size of your handbag can impact how tall or short you look.   Learn how to use necklaces and scarves to change your height.
Guidance when choosing everything from glasses through to footwear.   Each chapter covers a different type of accessory and the key points to consider when choosing and using.
Once you’ve learnt the theory and how these apply to choosing and wearing accessories I’ll guarantee that you’ll accessorise with style and confidence.