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be authentic

Being Authentic Is Easy If You Know How

One of the current buzzwords is authenticity. Being authentic in the way we act, we communicate and do business. Hurrah! – I’m all for it!  I want to do business with people that I believe are genuine, have similar core values and the same kind of integrity that I hold dear. Equally I want my […]

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women in business

Women In Business: Be Seen And Be Heard

This week I want to focus about women in business and in particular about being visible. The UK has one of the strongest entrepreneurial economies in the world and a huge proportion of that being Micro Businesses run by women – source UK Govt* There are 5.4M Small businesses in the UK 95% of these […]

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AbCrack: Healthy Look Or Dangerous Obsession?

After reading the headline article in the Times Magazine on Saturday ‘Have You Seen My AbCrack?’ I felt compelled to comment. Let me make it clear, just in case you’ve not read my story or previous blogs, I do not advocate extreme dieting or obsessive exercise. A 20-year battle with anorexia and an obsession with […]

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Statement Pieces

How To Use Statement Pieces To Create A UFI

What are UFIs?   They are Unique Fashion Identifiers, statement pieces that are eye-catching and say a lot about your personality.  You can have as many statement pieces as you like. Your UFIs can be clothing or accessories, let’s look at accessories first, as these can be the most versatile and often eye-catching statement pieces. Jewellery […]

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Do You Have A Grumpy Jumper

Do You Have A Grumpy Jumper?

What we wear can have a massive impact on our behaviour, feelings and our interactions with others. Let’s take the example of a friend of mine who has a grumpy jumper. When she wears her grumpy jumper it’s when she’s already feeling low.   While she is wearing her grumpy jumper she gives herself permission to […]

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Wardrobe Influencers

Wardrobe Influencers

Our early wardrobe influencers may still have an impact on our attitude to our clothes. Do you remember being bought a dress being told we could only wear it for best? How many times did you get to wear it before it no longer fitted? Not many I’ll bet! While our parents’ had good intentions, they […]

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Ruth Randall

Marriage Had Become A Co-Existence

Ruth and I met at a personal development group last year.  I immediately warmed to Ruth.  Her gentle empathetic approach and genuine desire to help others shines out like a brilliant light.  When I heard what she had been through on her journey I really wanted to share her story and was delighted when Ruth […]

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body confidence party pooper

Body Confidence Party Pooper

75% of women have cancelled a social engagement this Christmas, according to a recent survey. * The reason given by the majority of women is because they are ‘having a fat day’.  Christmas can be a challenging time for anyone with body confidence issues. Women in particular suffer from an overload of stress at this […]

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