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lines and curves magic

You Need To Know How To Create Wardrobe Magic

Now we’re going to talk about lines and curves, I tell my clients, offering to them the suggestion that we’re about to create some style magic!   It provokes an interesting reaction. Some laugh, others smile politely wondering what’s coming next,. While others look slightly bewildered wondering if I’m going to get my Potterish wand out! […]

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Black Dress

What Fun Can You Have With One Black Dress?

I was inspired to write this after reading a friend’s Facebook post last week where she stated her intention not to buy any new clothes in 2017.  My ears were wiggling and my nose twitching with excitement!! I love nothing more than the challenge of mixing and matching items to create new looks. Working with […]

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little black dress

Put The Colour Into A Black Party Dress

Ping! …The sound of the party invite landing in your inbox. Or does it trigger a minor panic attack? Do you find yourself mentally scrabbling through your wardrobe despairing that you’ve got nothing to wear except that black party dress … Closely followed by the ‘oh sod it’ moment of never mind I’ll treat myself […]

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Dressing for your age

The Ugly Truth About Dressing For Your Age

I get so mad when I read articles about Dressing for your age. My blood pressure starts to rise when I see headlines such as: ’25 items in your wardrobe you cannot wear over the age of 30’ ‘My top tips for dressing for your age in your 30s, 40s, 50s’ – Seriously like we […]

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